Inside Hurricane Michael as it made landfall

ABC News' Ginger Zee reports from Mexico Beach, Florida, where storm surge wiped away a home.
3:39 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Inside Hurricane Michael as it made landfall
right there as it made landfall. Took direct aim at Mexico beach. We had an anxious moment during our special report when we lost contact with ginger at the height of the storm. Thank goodness she had hunkered down out of harm's way but also saw something never seen in all her years covering honorster storms, a home washed away right in front of her eyes. Reporter: We start reporting on a balcony across from a blue house. If I don't feel comfortable I'll stand right inside. Reporter: You could feel Michael on the way. The pressure suddenly plummeting. My ears have been popping for a half hour. I'm not standing outside because I can't. And I won't because it is just too dangerous. We have seen debris flying, pieces of homes. Certainly huge. Can you hear it. Just take a listen to that. That incredible roar. I am constantly trying to keep cool. We are this a cement building in the safest place we can possibly be at this point. We're not going to be the only ones dealing with hurricane-force winds. Reporter: We ride it out on the second floor of a cement condo in Mexico beach. And there's -- I don't know if you're hearing the crashing. Large chunks of debris seen flying by. I think at this point we're going to start to wrap up. Reporter: We retreat further inside. Look, we've had to step away from the door because debris is flying so close to our hotel. That you see that right there, it looks so much like the hurricane I always describe to people and that is a washing machine. You have all of this water. You have all of this wind and you can't see anything. Just 20 minutes ago I was able to see the homes right across. I have no idea if they are there still. I saw something I have never seen in real life. I saw an entire home taken off of its foundation and rolled down the street. That is the type of storm surge we're talking about right here in Mexico City at this moment. You can't see it but we could just start to make out and I saw the roof on its side rolling down the street. My heart is racing. I again have never seen something like an entire home, a well-built home rolling down the street. We just watched that happen in realtime and I'll tell you right now it makes you shake. We see firsthand that storm surge can be the most dangerous part of the storm. That is where the house used to be. Reporter: Finally we're ready to head outside again. Now is the first time that it's safe to come out here and the home I saw floating away is was standing there. It is no longer. Reporter: That blue house across from us is no longer there. Simply gone. And then we head over to the other side of the condo. We saw that house taken off its foundation but there were several houses right there. Yeah, there were three and a house and one house in the back. There was a lady in a house there who was parked and she didn't go. Now everything is gone. I mean there's nothing left so we can't imagine where she is. Within that house is your wedding dress. Everything that I had for my wedding is in my house. Which is in two week. Two weeks. It's supposed to be two weeks from now and you can't even imagine even if the house is standing -- Probably flooded and gone. Reporter: For "Good morning America," ginger zee, ABC news. So tough down there. We couldn't establish live communication with ginger this morning but she is okay and she shared this photo of the sunset. That was right after the storm passed through, so calm, so peaceful but have seen the destruction. You can feel the emotion from ginger as she was experiencing all that.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee reports from Mexico Beach, Florida, where storm surge wiped away a home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58429129","title":"Inside Hurricane Michael as it made landfall","url":"/GMA/News/video/inside-hurricane-michael-made-landfall-58429129"}