Inside Kim Jong Un's brutal regime in North Korea

The country shrouded in secrecy under Kim Jong Un's rule has been known for horrific prison camps and strict rule where citizens are taught obedience early.
4:36 | 06/11/18

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Transcript for Inside Kim Jong Un's brutal regime in North Korea
We are back here on "Gma" and you're looking live at Singapore, 12 hour as head. The east coast. President trump is there right now, of course, preparing for his historic meeting, the first sitting American president to meet with the north Korean leader. And earlier this morning, president trump met with the prime minister of Singapore and George is there leading our coverage of it all. Good morning again, George. Good morning, guys. As robin just said we're about 12 hours of ahead of New York and just about 12 hours ahead of that face-to-face meeting between president trump and Kim Jong-un and when the president sits down with Kim Jong-un, he is going to be face-to-face with one of 89d world's most mysterious and brutal dictators ruling one of the world's most isolated cups and few western journalists know North Korea better than Bob woodruff. He's traveled there several times and joins us from south Korea with a closer look at the hermit kingdom. Good morning, Bob. Reporter: Good morning, George. Yes, this summit will certainly make some history and hopefully it will begin this process of dismantling North Korea's weapons but president trump has given no indication yet that he will confront Kim Jong-un about human rights. In ran unprecedented journey Kim Jong-un touching down in Singapore, over 3,000 miles from his reclusive homeland. His country shrouded in secrecy. His regime so brutal Americans travel there at their own risk. 22-year-old American student Otto Warmbier was on a guided tour trip when he was accused of stealing a propaganda poster at his hotel in 2016. I made the worst mistake of my life. Reporter: Sentenced to 15 years hard labor, he served 18 months before being released back to the U.S. In a coma. Eventually dying from unexplained injuries. But it's not just foreigners, experts say Kim Jong-un also terrorizes his own people. The united nations in a 2015 report warning the regime uses access to food as an important means to enforce political loyalty. The report also describing the horror inside its infamous prison camps saying they are rampant with torture, rape and executions. Over the years we've been granted rare access inside north Korea. Their citizens taught obedience early on, schoolchildren singing songs of praise of their leader. That loyalty also visible at the tradition boot-stepping parade and despite the spectacle the north is also desperately poor. Its electric grid so weak, the satellite photo shows the lights turn off at night. The country shrouded in almost total darkness. And Kim Jong-un himself until recently a figure of mystery. One of the only Americans to have ever met him face-to-face, NBA hall of famer Dennis rodman who traveled to North Korea multiple times, the last time they hugged and talked about basketball and music. All right, man, good to see you. Reporter: But when I sat down with rodman this past January he told me they never discussed brutality and torture. It's a country with a lot of starvation. Is that okay? A lot of people in the world are starving. Even though they say he's a bad man but to me he's not a mad man. To me I didn't see that part. Reporter: Rodman said he will be coming to Singapore this week. President trump says he was not invited by him to the summit. But rodman's agent confirmed to us that he is coming although no one has seen him yet. George. We'll keep an eye out for it. Okay, Bob, thanks. Guys, it's kind of amazing to think about until the last couple of meetings between Kim Jong-un an the secretary of state Mike Pompeo probably no American knew Kim Jong-un better than Dennis rodman. That is something to think about. But in the summit especially, George, after seeing Bob's report about what life is like for most people there in north Korea, will that be a part of the topic of the summit, how he treats his own people there in his country? You know, robin, that's an excellent question and no one knows for sure. The president and his team said they'll bring it up. How much they'll press it is anyone's guess because the top goal here is talking about that nuclear program, getting Kim Jong-un to commit to giving up that nuclear program, not only the nukes though but also chemical and biological weapons, those are the top concerns, hard to imagine that the white house and president trump will completely ignore, though, the situation inside North Korea. Yeah, we hope not. Okay, we'll get back to you, George, in just a little bit.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"The country shrouded in secrecy under Kim Jong Un's rule has been known for horrific prison camps and strict rule where citizens are taught obedience early.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55802127","title":"Inside Kim Jong Un's brutal regime in North Korea","url":"/GMA/News/video/inside-kim-jong-uns-brutal-regime-north-korea-55802127"}