Jerome Corsi discusses Roger Stone indictment as new poll is released

An ABC News and Washington Post poll shows the majority of Americans support House Democrats' investigations of President Trump.
6:28 | 01/27/19

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Transcript for Jerome Corsi discusses Roger Stone indictment as new poll is released
We want to turn to the long, slow process of reopening shuttered government offices. Here's the latest right now with the tax filing season set to begin Monday. A government watchdog group overseeing the irs is worrying about a major backlog. "The Washington post" reporting the national taxpayer advocate told house staffers it could take a year or more for the irs to catch up. The status of the state of the union is still up in the air. House speaker Nancy Pelosi is working with the white house to come up with a new date for the president's address, but insists it will not take place this Tuesday. What will be happening on Tuesday, the smithsonian museums will be opening their doors once again. The shutdown cost the complex of 19 museums $1 million in revenue each week it was closed. And a new ABC news/ "Washington post" poll this morning finds support for house Democrats' investigations of president trump. It shows 57% of Americans support house Democrats using their authority to investigate possible collusion between the trump campaign and Russia while 61% of Americans also say they support the investigations into possible financial ties between trump and foreign governments. Overnight, president trump taking aim at the special counsel over his latest move, the indictment of trump's long-time associate and adviser, Roger stone. George Stephanopoulos is standing by for more on this, but let's start with ABC news white house correspondent Tara Palmeri at the white house. Good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. That's right. The president is lashing out at the special counsel, but this story is not going away. In fact, it will take center stage again this week when Roger stone is arraigned on Tuesday. President trump's long-time political adviser Roger stone, out on bail and firing back at special counsel Robert Mueller. This was an egregious overreach by Mr. Mueller. The FBI director who had to have approved this raid should in my opinion be fired over it because it was unwarranted. I guess it's in effort to intimidate me, but I am not intimidated. Reporter: As part of the special counsel's investigation into possible Russian collusion with the trump campaign, Mueller indicted stone on seven counts, including obstruction, witness tampering and lying to congress. One of stone's associates, Jerome Corsi admitting to his hours of testimony with the special counsel may have led to stone's indictment. I'm going to say what's in the indictment is accurate. If called, I will testify to what's there. It won't differ one word from it. That's correct. Now if that helps Roger stone or hurts him, let the chips fall where they may. Reporter: In a statement, speaker Nancy Pelosi says, the house will continue to exercise their constitutional oversight responsibility adding that stone's indictment proves that, quote, there was a deliberate, coordinated attempt by trump campaign officials to influence the 2016 election and subvert the will of the American people. These court documents filed by the special counsel cast stone as an intermediary between the trump campaign and wikileaks which published e-mails Russia stole from the democratic national committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John podesta. Wikileaks, I love wikileaks. Reporter: Prosecutors allege stone was in contact with the organization during the leadup to the election, seeking information that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton. Mueller does not indicate who it was that directed the campaign official to reach out to stone, but stone now denies having any contact with wikileaks founder Julian assange and claims to not have relayed information about the hacks. The allegation that two campaign officials instructed me or inquired of me about wikileaks is false. Reporter: And now the president is already distancing himself from Roger stone, a self-described dirty trickster who advised the campaign until 2015 when he departed. President trump tweeted, quote, Roger stone didn't even work for me anywhere near the election. Witch hunt. Dan? Tara Palmeri at the white house. Thank you. For more on this as advertised, let's bring in George Stephanopoulos who will be hosting "This week" later this morning. You will have Roger stone on the show this morning unclear whether he'll wear his beret. What kind of threat do you think this indictment poses to the president? I don't think we know. It was in Tara's piece, the most interesting paragraph is when a senior campaign official was directed to talk to Roger stone about wikileaks. Who directed a campaign official, and who is the senior campaign official. If one of those two people is Donald Trump, that could pose some kind -- it could at least raise questions for the president, but if I were Roger stone, I would be a little bit worried about that tweet from the president. In the past several weeks, in fact, Roger stone was on our show back in December, the president went out tweeting very much ipport of Roger stone. Now he's saying he didn't even work for me for very long. Roger stone is Donald Trump's longest serving political adviser. They were introduced almost three decades ago, and he has never been fully out of Donald Trump's orbit. This could be distancing. Let's talk about the poll that Eva was talking about a few moments ago. One of the other nuggets from that poll is 6 in 10 Americans say they would support the Democrats in congress going after Donald Trump's tax returns. Do you think the Democrats are likely to do that and if they do, can they get those returns? They have already said they will, and there is a law that gives the chairman -- it gives them the means. The chairman is Richard Neil, and it gives them the ability to request those tax returns. Now it's very possible even though the law is very, very clear that the administration Donald Trump, the treasury department will try to fight that and take it to the courts. How that will work out, I don't know for sure. Although I said the law is quite clear. I think what the Democrats are trying to do is first lay the groundwork for why they want the tax returns. What connection it might have to public policy or possible violations of emoluments clause or the constitution or perhaps corruption in the past. Before they actually make the request. Thank you, George. I want to remind everybody. George has a big show this morning. Be sure to tune into "This week" later this morning for George's Sunday morning exclusive with Roger stone, following his indictment by the special counsel. The chairman of the house intelligence committee, congressman Adam Schiff will come on and respond on "This week" on ABC. Thanks again. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"An ABC News and Washington Post poll shows the majority of Americans support House Democrats' investigations of President Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60656140","title":"Jerome Corsi discusses Roger Stone indictment as new poll is released","url":"/GMA/News/video/jerome-corsi-discusses-roger-stone-indictment-poll-released-60656140"}