Judge unseals hundreds of pages from old Ghislaine Maxwell deposition

Maxwell, who is being held in jail in Brooklyn, New York, repeatedly denied recruiting girls for her longtime associate and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
5:01 | 10/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judge unseals hundreds of pages from old Ghislaine Maxwell deposition
We begin with new revelations in the case against Ghislaine Maxwell. A judge unsealing more than 400 pages of transcript from a 2016 deposition. In it she denies recruiting girls for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Adrienne Bankert is outside the jail where she is being held. Good morning, Adrienne. Reporter: Good morning. Yes, Maxwell denied a release on bond. While she sits in her cell one of her and Epstein's alleged victims are celebrating this evidence going public. After months of fighting to keep depositions sealed this morning newly unsealed testimony gives a glimpse of what Ghislaine Maxwell said under oath in 2016. Repeatedly denying any knowledge or participation in convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sexual abuse of teenage girls. In a contentious deposition made public Thursday under court order Maxwell, Epstein's one-time girlfriend and socialite had been accused of grooming girls for him has testified I never saw any inappropriate underage activities with Jeffrey ever. Th redacted transcript stems from a 2016 defamation case brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre and accuses them of directing her to have sex with prominent men including prince Andrew when she was a minor. Something the royal has denied and claimed he does not recall meeting her. Do you recall any kind of sexual contact with Virginia Roberts then or -- None whatsoever. Reporter: In the deposition Maxwell repeatedly claims Giuffre is lying about her, she calls Giuffre an exaggerator, a fantasist and absolutely true terrible person and claims not to remember this photograph appearing to show the three of them together which Giuffre says was taken in 2001 at Maxwell's London home. Prince Andrew has previously said that he has no recollection of the picture being taken and can't be sure if it's real or fake. Barry Levine, author of "The spider," has been investigating the allegations at the heart of these cases and says Epstein needed the help of someone like Maxwell to earn the trust of his alleged victims. It really became a symbiotic coupling in the sense that they were able to present themselves, particularly to young women, and their families in the sense that they appeared as a loving, young Reporter: Now, Giuffre's lawyers maintain that this evidence establishes Maxwell's heavy and extensive involvement in Epstein's alleged sex trafficking and in the recruitment of Giuffre. Maxwell maintains her innocence and has pled not guilty to all charges, Cecilia. Thank you. So many questions about this so let's bring in Dan Abrams for more on this. Dan, good morning. I was reading the transcripts and know you have read them too. Over and over repeatedly Maxwell's adamantly denies she did anything wrong. Why do you think they wanted to keep this secret? Yeah, I kept reading through waiting for the big moment and it's not there because she denies it again and again and again. Look, their argument was that it would improperly influence a potential jury. But I think that they were more concerned about two thing, number one, they don't think that this deposition should be available. It should be public, it should be usable in the context of the criminal case. They say this was taken with a specific agreement that it would never be made public so I think that's number one. Number two is there's another deposition that was taken after this where she was actually forced to answer some of the questions that she didn't answer in this deposition. I think that her team is concerned now that there's been a legal ruling that this is going to be made public that the second deposition would be made public as well. Maybe you just answered. To be clear did you see a smoking gun at all anywhere in the deposition that you read? I didn't, but the devil is going to be in the details here, right? I mean, the prosecutors are going to try to use small inconsistency, it's not going to be that there was a moment in this particular deposition but, again, prosecutors believe she perjuried herself in this that she lied and that they're going to be able to prove that she lied in the deposition. Does that then impact her criminal case going forward? Yeah, I mean, look, obviously that's part of her criminal case, keep in mind, this deposition was not taken as part of the criminal case. This was taken as a completely separate civil case. This is going to be part of the criminal case and, again, look out for that second deposition, which may take months of litigation to determine if and when that gets made public. Still more to come. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Maxwell, who is being held in jail in Brooklyn, New York, repeatedly denied recruiting girls for her longtime associate and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73783050","title":"Judge unseals hundreds of pages from old Ghislaine Maxwell deposition","url":"/GMA/News/video/judge-unseals-hundreds-pages-ghislaine-maxwell-deposition-73783050"}