Kavanaugh 'lied' in interview, drank to excess, classmate from Yale says

Hours after the Senate Judiciary hearing ended on Thursday, Lynne Brookes told ABC News' Cameron Harrison that she frequently "drank to excess" with Kavanaugh.
4:16 | 09/28/18

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Transcript for Kavanaugh 'lied' in interview, drank to excess, classmate from Yale says
And so the Fox News person was asking a mad and he said. She's had asked him if he ever drank to excess did he ever drink to blackout. And he was like no I had a few Beers was ever a time that you drank so much that he could remember what happened the night before. Now that's a complete. Mischaracterization. Of of who he was at Yale and the persona that he. Per trade to everyone. And knowing Brett the way that I didn't I just find it hard to believe. It is not plausible to me. That he remembers everything that he did when he was drinking but I was really frustrated today in the testimony. When this senators were trying to you'd get at that any kept reflecting. And saying we need to look at my grades I studied hard I got into Yale Law School it was number one and I was an athlete. While. At that culture yell at those two things are not mutually exclusive. Sir I was. The top of my class academically. Busted my button school. Captain the varsity basketball team got into Yale College. I got into Yale College. Got a new. Yale Law School. Worked my tail off. I also was an athlete you now likely to sports not one. I also got good grades I went on to Wharton business school and I drank in excess many nights with Brett Cavanaugh. So he was trying to portray that it's one or the other and it yeah well it's very possible and they wrote there's a lot of people. For which that was holly my most specific memory is I went on to. The green back sterling library when the deep. New pledges were getting. Tapped into their fraternity. And Brett was getting tapped in and he was. Incredibly drunk. In a ridiculous outfit. And had to come up to me and seeing a silly song on the key economic economic power tool when I sing the song I look like before I still remember it. To this day. He was so incredibly drunk I find it not plausible at all that he remembers everything that he did that night. So again from something that I witnessed personally I find it fairy hard. To imagine. That. He never. Blacked out or had memory lapses and he really tried to evade those questions I never felt unsafe I never witnessed any need. I'm toward. Sexual advances towards women that were unwelcome I never witnessed anything about that. And again I'm not here speaking about the moves. Allegations. I'm speaking to the allegation that I know about witches he is misrepresenting. Who he says he was. In college. I'm a registered Republican. I'm not part of. Some left wing conspiracy which I found to be and theory off. Approach at the Judiciary Committee this whole two week effort has been a calculated. And orchestrated. Political hit. Fuel to an apparent cannot be anger about president trump and the 2016. Election. Fear that has been unfairly stoked about white's judicial record. Revenge on behalf of the clintons. And millions of dollars in money from outside left wing opposition groups. This is this are gets. Threat stood up there and lied about who we wise and his behavior in college it's not consistent at all. With the Brett that I knew. And he's gonna lie about the little things were what about the big things that's the big question hat.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Hours after the Senate Judiciary hearing ended on Thursday, Lynne Brookes told ABC News' Cameron Harrison that she frequently \"drank to excess\" with Kavanaugh.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58146577","title":"Kavanaugh 'lied' in interview, drank to excess, classmate from Yale says","url":"/GMA/News/video/kavanaugh-lied-interview-drank-excess-classmate-yale-58146577"}