Lori Loughlin faces new charges in college entrance scandal

The actress, her husband and 14 other parents were hit with additional charges, including a count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, federal officials said.
5:43 | 04/10/19

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Transcript for Lori Loughlin faces new charges in college entrance scandal
New trouble for actress Lori Loughlin facing new charges in the college admissions cheating case that could land her and her husband behind bars for a significant period of time. Linsey Davis is here with the latest. Good morning Lindsey. Good morning, robin. The 13 parents who pled guilty on Monday prior to the grand jury indictment yesterday were spared this new criminal charge but for 16 parents who had not given their intention to plead guilty, the potential prison time they face if convicted just doubled. Reporter: This morning, more legal trouble for actress Lori Loughlin and her husband. They're among 16 parents now facing an additional criminal charge in the college admissions scandal. Already charged with mail fraud, they're now also accused of conspiracy to commit money laundering. Prosecutors say the former "Full house" star and her fashion designer husband shelled out half a million dollars in bribes to help get their daughters including YouTube star Olivia jade into usc. This is Olivia jade. Reporter: This new charge comes one day after actress felicity Huffman and a dozen other parents agreed to plead guilty to mail fraud conspiracy. The "Desperate housewives" star stone faced as she left federal court last week in Boston. This in stark contrast to Loughlin smiling before her own court appearance and signing autographs after arriving in Boston. Lor . Reporter: In this new video yesterday, Loughlin appears more subdued. If convicted, she and her husband could face up to 20 years in prison for each charge at a cell like this one in a minimum security prison like this in West Virginia, the same place where Martha Stewart was locked up for five months after she was found guilty in 2004 of lying to federal investigators. You're separated from everybody that you love and you're just locked away. Reporter: Jennifer Meyers served 17 months at the same prison after she got involved in marijuana trafficking through an ex-boyfriend. Now a prison consultant, she helps nonviolent, first-time offenders prepare for their new life behind bars in federal prison. She says for women with privileged backgrounds, the experience can be especially It is challenging. There's probably a lot of shame she's going to experience. To have humility around the guards, being watched, being counted, the entire world of prison is going to be completely opposite than what somebody like Lori has ever experienced before. Reporter: Meanwhile, dance mom Abby Lee Miller who served 8 months in federal prison offered this advice on "Inside edition" to Huffman who legal experts say faces roughly four to ten months behind bars. Be respectful of everyone. Keep a very low profile. Be kind to people. Tell your story but listen. Reporter: Now with this additional charge, if convicted, legal experts say that Loughlin likely faces the possibility of three years or more behind bars while Huffman could potentially not have any jail time at all, though you have to imagine that the judge won't want to have the appearance of any kind of celebrity justice here. We'll have to see. Thank you very much. Sunny Hostin is going to join us right now. These new charges are no joke. No, it's very, very serious and she was already looking at serious charges. We're talking about mail fraud, wire fraud, but in this case the added factor of money laundering, you see that kind of charge with organized crime and gun cases and drug cases. I think when a jury looks at that, money funneling through a charity, that extra ik factor makes juries take a pause and think what kind of behavior is really going on here. Big risk for them to go before a jury. What we don't know is did they reject a plea deal that some of the other parents took. I think that's probably you know, in a case like this, I've said from the very beginning, any kind of plea that would be offered has to contemplate at the very least some sort of prison time. I mean, Lindsey made it very clear, I think, prosecutors don't want the appearance in a case like this which is a case about privilege that some people will get celebrity justice. Talking half a million dollars. Exactly. So if they got some sort of plea I guess that contained a lot of jail time, then you have someone that rejected a plea and now prosecutors are saying, oh, you want to reject a plea, no problem, this is the additional type of case you're now looking at. Speaking of appearances, we saw Loughlin outside of court smiling, she's shaking hands, signing autographs, taking photos. Is that something that the prosecutor takes into consideration? I can only tell you that when I was prosecuting these kind of cases, I did look at defendants' demeanor, their behavior in the courtroom. When you don't see remorse, when you don't see that someone is taking something seriously, the court system considersly, you look at it and you consider it. You do. You saw what felicity Huffman -- her statement which is absolutely opposite of what we're seeing with Lori Loughlin. It was so appropriate. She took responsibility for her actions and more than that, she said my daughter didn't know anything about it. I did something wrong and I apologize to the families that did the right thing. That's what you want to see, and I do think that she will spend some time in prison. I do think. No celebrity justice here. Prosecutors definitely want to punish. The system is intended to punish, but prosecutors also recommend sentencing to send a message to the community that certain behaviors will not be tolerated, and I think we're going to see that across the board here. In the end it will be up to the judges. Sunny, thanks very much. Y'all going to behave on "The view" today? I hope so. I hope so.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"The actress, her husband and 14 other parents were hit with additional charges, including a count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, federal officials said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62294508","title":"Lori Loughlin faces new charges in college entrance scandal","url":"/GMA/News/video/lori-loughlin-faces-charges-college-entrance-scandal-62294508"}