Mail bomb suspect arrested

Florida man charged with five federal crimes for allegedly carrying out a mail bomb campaign.
4:25 | 10/27/18

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Transcript for Mail bomb suspect arrested
The new developments in the alleged plot to send explosive devices. To critics of president Donald Trump we're learning much more this morning about the suspect we've now in custody as the president as you saw there weighs in at a rally overnight. And here's the suspect his name is Cesar say -- he was arrested in Florida yesterday. He is set tweets to several people who later received those explosive devices. With comments about seeing them soon now investigators carted away say oxen van which was plastered as you can see with pro trump stickers it's believed it say apple Lindsay in that man. For a time here's what we know this morning officials say fourteen packages containing explosive devices have been found thus far but they warn. There could be more out there investigators tracked down the suspect through a fingerprint then tracked him by cell phone say Iraq is now charged with five federal crimes and faces up to 48 years in prison if convicted. So far he is not cooperating with law enforcement swim team covers this morning let's begin with ABC's Steve Olson Sonny in Plantation, Florida where the suspect. Was captured Steve good morning. Good morning few even the man who was in police custody this morning who was arrested at this auto parts were behind me a long criminal history. Grand theft making bomb threats crack cocaine a record that stretches back decades so his fingerprints were in the system. A quick look at as social media accounts shows that he was all end on a wild conspiracy theories especially those involving the clintons. Police have this man in custody this morning and say he's the face behind the anonymous yellow envelopes with explosive devices terrorizing critics of the president this week. An accord that truck that the auto loan witnesses say 56 year old Cesar sale was at this AutoZone store Friday morning just outside Fort Lauderdale. When FBI agents rushed in and took him down. It was a yelling and screaming her flailing he was in handcuffs when he calmly was escorted to the vehicle some get in with no problem. Many just had that look goes. OK it's over. Attorney general Jeff Sessions announced the charges himself for now five crimes including threats against the president. Which could land him in prison for up to 48 years if convicted this is. Utterly unacceptable. Political violence or that threat of violence is antithetical to our vigorous system of self government. The suspect is no stranger to social media and was definitely team trump posting videos of themselves trunk routes. Political commentator Rachelle Richie tells us he threatened her life on line. Just two weeks ago eleven SSI anywhere now or we say if you see something faith and pay. And while I thought sent thing. And I bet something. And napping with. Federal officials also say these are his threatening messages online sent to prominent Democrats. Who were sent ITV's in the mail. The windows of the white man police say he parked outside the store where he was arrested were covered with hard in this political messages. Supporting the president and demonizing his critics including Hillary Clinton and CNN. So far police believe he sent fourteen explosive devices to Americans who've criticized the president or were the subject of the president's anger. A fingerprint on an envelope sent to congresswoman Maxine Waters helped investigators find their man. On Friday the post office stopped the suspected explosive device. Meant for US senator Cory Booker out west they found another before it reached California senator Kemal Harris and in midtown Manhattan police in bomb suits had to dispose another package. Meant for Obama's national intelligence director James clapper. One of sick outs former bosses describes that man is something she doesn't remember her former deliberate drive it way. Dirty it was smelly. Not at all like he was very clean very put together but the stickers across those windows speak to politics. He you know just said that if there was more people waving his political views his country would be that. And he considered himself to be more saw white supremacists and anything else say doc will appear in court Monday. He has an unusual background foreign news domestic terrorist the night before he was arrested he was working to turn tables as a DJ. At a strip club manager of that club says they had no idea. He was so pull it. Thought I think Steve.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Florida man charged with five federal crimes for allegedly carrying out a mail bomb campaign. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58789681","title":"Mail bomb suspect arrested","url":"/GMA/News/video/mail-bomb-suspect-arrested-58789681"}