Major storm bringing blizzard conditions to parts of the US

An intense storm is sweeping across parts of the country, bringing heavy snow and gusty winds as travelers return home from the holiday weekend.
3:23 | 11/30/19

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Transcript for Major storm bringing blizzard conditions to parts of the US
Meantime, back at home a major winter storm is tracking across the country making a mess for travelers returning home from the long holiday weekend. ABC's Zachary kiesch is at Laguardia airport with the latest. Zachary, good morning. Reporter: Whit, good morning to you as well. More than 3 million people are traveling this weekend. You mix in some of this poor weather and it's never a good situation. We are expecting whiteout conditions in much of the west today and in Denver places like Denver really getting the brunt of this in terms of cancellations at the airport. You look around here at Laguardia, things are moving pretty smooth this morning but people have the right idea getting out of town. It's going to be this mix of snow, rain and freezing rain that's on its way. This morning, strong winds were too much for this semi as a major winter storm reeks havoc across the country. In Colorado, heavy snow is creating whiteout conditions in near zero visibility making the roads treacherous. The slick conditions causing several accidents like this and forcing some drivers to abandon their cars. The storm's impact stretches into the midwest. Here just outside of Minneapolis, multiple people pulling over to help this stuck driver. At the grand canyon more blizzard-like conditions. Strong winds and snow shut down roads as more than a foot fell in flagstaff, leaving drivers stranded. Also in Arizona the search is on for three missing children after authorities say their car got caught in floodwaters. The heavy rain also forced this rescue. First responders helping the driver to safety. From roads to the skies a pair of storms causing dangerous travel conditions from coast to coast. Hundreds of delays and cancellations already this morning. Airlines issue travel waivers as the storm moves east. Here in the northeast we are anticipating what could be coming, Sunday and Monday, this thing is supposed to hit with inland areas expected to get hit the worst. Dan. I've lived in the northeast my whole life. I love the northeast, still hate the snow. This time of year. Yes, this is the time of year I want to join Sam champion down in Miami. So for a look at who's going to get hit by the storm and when let's bring in Cheryl Scott from WLS filling in for rob. Cheryl, great to see you. What's going on? Great to be here but it is an active weekend of weather. We are talking about alerts. Watches, warnings from coast to coast. Starting in the northern plains to the northeast, here we're going to see some of the first significant snowfall amounts for many so of these states across the north and east and it's all because of this strong area of low pressure. You can see that snow flying up into the northern plains, the dakotas, blizzard conditions, whiteout, treacherous travel up to one to two feet then the southern string of this system where we're going to get the rain, even severe storms, potentially some tornadoes in the deep south but here's the thing, this system is going to continue to swing up into new England, the northeast. This is going to bring a wintry mess of weather for states like Pennsylvania, New York, up into Boston as well, Boston potentially first accumulating snowfall here and places like Albany inland of I-95 we are talking locally over a foot of snow. This is such a big travel weekend. So many wanting to get home after Thanksgiving so this is likely going to cause major delays at area airports from new York up into Boston.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"An intense storm is sweeping across parts of the country, bringing heavy snow and gusty winds as travelers return home from the holiday weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67402906","title":"Major storm bringing blizzard conditions to parts of the US","url":"/GMA/News/video/major-storm-bringing-blizzard-conditions-parts-us-67402906"}