Massive winter storm takes aim at both coasts

The nor’easter has covered 14 states from Tennessee to Maine and has made for treacherous travel conditions with freezing temperatures and snow.
3:08 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Massive winter storm takes aim at both coasts
the holiday weekend is going to last a little bit longer for some students who are waking up to school closings and delays here on the east coast as that nor'easter strengthens. The storm already creating a mess as millions of folks still trying to get home from the holiday and take a look at this. This is at the giants/packers game in New Jersey Sunday. They actually, well, they had to shovel the field at times to try to play that game. Well, that didn't help the giants at all whether you could see the field or not but that's how nasty the snow and weather was. More on the way. Stephanie Ramos is going to start us off in Albany, new York, where the snow is coming down right now, Stephanie. How are you? Reporter: It is, George and we'll likely see 20 inches including snowfall from yesterday, some of it piled up right here and what we're expecting later today, governor Cuomo has placed the national Guard on standby as this winter storm moves through the state leaving behind a mess across the country. This morning, extreme blizzards barreling through the midwest and heavy snow in the northeast. As travelers head home after the holiday weekend conditions starting out icy in upstate new York. Cars seen on the side of the interstate after skidding off the road. State police and emergency crews attempting to assist stranded drivers. In Albany a total whiteout. Vehicles struggling to maneuver through more than a foot of snow. Drivers abandoning their cars including semis altogether. Neighborhoods left completely buried as plow trucks brave the treacherous conditions. The new England region also preparing for a similar predicament. Massachusetts deploying an army of salt trucks as residents hit the grocery stores to stock up on supplies. At the nation's airports, chaos as more than 500 flights canceled Sunday. This plane stuck in the grass after sliding off a taxiway in Buffalo. In Connecticut frustration mounting as delays and cancellations ensued at Bradley airport. Ramps and runways blanketed in inches of snow while passengers are left stranded trying to book new flights home. This dad and his 4-year-old spent more than 15 hours at o'hare international airport in Chicago after multiple flights to Minnesota were grounded. When you're traveling with a kid for the first time be prepared for anything and just pretend like everything is fine and the kids will believe it too so it's been not fun. Reporter: It's snowing lightly but expected to pick up later this afternoon. Just to put this all into perspective for you, here in Albany they typically see about 13 inches of snow for the entire month of December. The state will likely surpass that snow total today. Mary. Stephanie, thank you. Get inside and warm up. It is also dangerous of course out on the roads where sleet, snow and rain are making for some tricky driving conditions as the morning rush gets under way. Gio Benitez is in Sussex county, New Jersey, with more. Gio, good morning. Reporter: Hey, Mary, good morning. For those on the morning commute or just trapped -- All right. A little bit of trouble with

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"The nor’easter has covered 14 states from Tennessee to Maine and has made for treacherous travel conditions with freezing temperatures and snow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67433407","title":"Massive winter storm takes aim at both coasts","url":"/GMA/News/video/massive-winter-storm-takes-aim-coasts-67433407"}