Mayo Clinic remote monitoring for COVID-19

“GMA” has an exclusive look at the Mayo Clinic remote monitoring and treating COVID-19 patients at home who are at increased risk.
2:04 | 10/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mayo Clinic remote monitoring for COVID-19
Hospitals looking to deal with the heavy load of covid-19, patients are turning to remote monitoring. Treating people while they're recovering at home. ABC news got an exclusive news at how it's working at one of the top hospitals in the country. The American midwest now among the latest coronavirus hot spots, averaging nearly 21,000 new cases per day, are hospitals once again bracing for an imminent influx of patients, a possible second option. ABC news getting an exclusive look at how mayo clinic, one of several hospitals is treating some covid patients right from their home to relieve resources. They can be closely monitored by covid-19 care team experts, nurses and physicians. They can recover from the illness at home. Reporter: The pierce family in Wisconsin truly grateful when the mayo clinic gave them the option to treat remotely. The family of four all testing positive for covid with mom Andrea having a genetic heart condition since birth. I really liked being monitored from home. It was easy. I worried about us spreading it to anybody in the public. Then also knowing that I could contact my care team any time, day or night. Reporter: This customized package is sent to patients with a pre-existing health condition who test positive, but whose symptoms aren't severe enough for hospitalization. Patient responses are monitored around the clock with automatic alerts sent with any negative trends in a patient's health. We had the luxury of having close monitoring without having to travel outside the house. They are just so thankful for what feels like we're providing above and beyond care in times of high uncertainty and high anxiety. Satisfied patients like the pierce family there could mean that more hospitals would look to adopt this program in the future.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"“GMA” has an exclusive look at the Mayo Clinic remote monitoring and treating COVID-19 patients at home who are at increased risk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73816058","title":"Mayo Clinic remote monitoring for COVID-19","url":"/GMA/News/video/mayo-clinic-remote-monitoring-covid-19-73816058"}