Meditation helped this woman cope with anxiety and loneliness. Now, she teaches it.

Yael Shy suffered from panic attacks before she discovered meditation.
3:18 | 12/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meditation helped this woman cope with anxiety and loneliness. Now, she teaches it.
Medication is really fancy word for paying attention. It's. Opportunity to six and practice. Being leaked what US has it's happening. There's blocks at different ways to paint. The Wayne and I like to practice is usually I wringing my attention and my awareness to one queen a phone cast. And then in the minor will inevitably. Kind of runaway and raced away fast is what the mind does. So that is not a feeling. There and not of benefits of meditation it's helpful in dealing with anxiety. I insomnia. When Allison Connolly age I was deeply anxious and that translated into all parts of my life. So I had real trouble in social situations I had like a particular kind of social anxiety it was. Uga is impacting my life he was painful and it was really lonely and I didn't know how to print counterfeit. And so learning meditation it was really the beginning to starting to understand this case we need humbling assistance I eighteen puny. And have been you need really learning to understand it and to seek Wii Fit and be within. Helped me choose band to not be ruled by. There are so many issues facing young people today pat. Are causing these skyrocketing. Levels anxiety and depression social media addiction and wheelchair part of act. I also think there's. And coronary peace to act which is back to welcome I'm having mental health issues is going on down to some good thing. But that means that more and more young people are hoping insanely can really struggling. And looking for are we need some people to help meet their needs and meet the struggles. I noticed a lot more students every year and New York University. Coming toward meditation classes and practicing meditation. I think that every one benefits by practicing in community in any class whether you're beginner or whether your pants. I better to practice on your own and not to practice at all. As they teach becomes more accessible through at apps and other means of technology. Technology gap particularly young people like T Boone I think we'll chests he had growing more and more. And so there's this. This kind of phrase like these youth and meditation generation and I really believe that teach them. I don't think nine police and meditation solves every week and eats not. The magic pill that will automatically pop ads. My. Our whole passionate about it because. He hit valiantly can count. Heat the world needs now more than made her more people a week. Understanding and compassionate towards one another.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Yael Shy suffered from panic attacks before she discovered meditation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67764737","title":"Meditation helped this woman cope with anxiety and loneliness. Now, she teaches it. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/meditation-helped-woman-cope-anxiety-loneliness-now-teaches-67764737"}