Megyn Kelly's lawyer to meet with NBC execs

Kelly continues to face fallout for her remarks concerning blackface, and questions are growing about her future at NBC News.
6:47 | 10/26/18

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Transcript for Megyn Kelly's lawyer to meet with NBC execs
injuries expected to be okay. That trouble for Megyn Kelly. Questions about her future are growing as she faces fallout for her remarks concerning blackface. ABC's linsey Davis is here with the latest. Good morning. Reporter: She was once listed as "Time" magazine's 100 most influential people in the world and NBC news division's highest paid anchor and Wednesday's show where she apologized may have been her last at least at NBC. I want to begin with two word, I'm sorry. Reporter: Just one day after delivering this tearful apology to a standing ovation from her audience, Kelly remained off the air while she reportedly negotiates an early exit from NBC. On Thursday, the network aired a repeat of her show. Happy Friday. Reporter: While NBC announced they would also air a rerun today due to the current circumstances. I can't keep up with the number of people we're offending by being Normal people. Reporter: Following her apology -- Thank you for listening and for helping me listen too. Reporter: -- Kelly fired her agent and hired a top Hollywood litigator to negotiate an exit package from the network. Kelly has a three-year, $69 million deal with NBC where she started in June of 2017. Her fate at the network has been in question since her comments earlier this week about blackface. What is racist because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface at Halloween. Reporter: She defended this outfit dresses up as Diana Ross. She made her skin look darker. People said that's racist. I felt like who doesn't love Diana Ross? Reporter: According to "The Hollywood reporter" that costume worn by the real housewife will be brought up in a meeting between her attorney and NBC executives where he'll argue NBC is hypocritical because the reality star wore that costume on an NBC sister network. You can dress up like Diana Ross. Don't just put no damn black paint on your face. Reporter: For years blackface has served to demean. From books to movies, the lasting stereotype showing them as lazy, violent, stupid and interior has endured. Roland martin who appeared on her show afterwards to offer a perspective hopes it serving to start a new conversation. We must deal with racism. We must deal with bigotry but also must deal with all of those things that exist between racist and not racist, and so that is racial perceptions and feelings and inequity and that's been one of the fundamental problems. Reporter: Now for those speculating Kelly might return to Fox News, fox issued this one statement last night saying, simply, we are extremely happy with our entire lineup. Robin. That says a lot. Let's bring in Dan Abrams and Marissa gut think, media reporter for "The Hollywood reporter. You've been on it since it broke. It is a lucrative contract, midway through that. Some will wonder if she walks away with the full amount. Probably. It's a contract. It's a full three-year contract so NBC would have to have a specific reason to say we shouldn't have to adhere to our side of it. They may argue that there's a morals clause, for example, in the contract and that they held the network up to disrepute, that she did. Tough argument to make for a couple reason, first, Kelly's team will likely cite other examples at NBC and maybe just as importantly, remember NBC put her back on the air the next day. So, she was on Tuesday, then she went on to apologize on Wednesday. And has been off since. Has been on after the apology. So if the argument is this was so horrible, this was so awful, this held us up in such a negative light, then how do you allow her to go back on the next day? Yesterday was a repeat of her show and today is expected to be a repeat as well. You have been reporting from the get-go on this and you and others are reporting about a meeting today between Kelly's lawyer and NBC execs. What are you hearing? This is the formality. This is -- they're going to talk about how she goes, what is said, what they'll talk about the money but I think it's painfully clear that she's never going to be back on NBC news again and signaled that by doing reports on their newscasts about it, and airing her comments she -- racially insensitive comments she made while on fox in those reports. This is her own network. This is her own network so that's a powerful signal. Speaking of that, she hired in recent days a very powerful Hollywood lawyer. What does that signal to you? That she doesn't want to be on the defensive here. We were talking about the argue manies NBC could make. Now let's talk about the argument she's likely going to make, that it was a form of retaliation against her. She had a contract and the reason she will say that they're ending this is because back in September, for example, she was questioning the way that NBC was handling sexual harassment allegation. They weren't happy with that. No, not at all and she will argue that's retaliation so I think you'll have both sides jockeying for position and sort of threatening the other and in the end I think you will re have her getting her entire contract. On Tom of that, we all know she was signed to -- the highest paid at NBC news, show did not live up to expectations and that's being generous in saying that and some feeling NBC executives are using it as a way to get rid of her. I think there's probably some truth to that. A lot of people predicted this going in that it was a -- the hiring her for daytime for morning did not make sense. She developed that persona at fox and I think she was trying to bring some of that to the 9:00 A.M. Hour on NBC and it just didn't work. It didn't -- she didn't have the empathy. She's a tough person and tried to make it more of a newsy show and dug into the me too stuff but when she offered to have Matt Lauer on with his accusers, the NBC executives were outraged by that. So this has been building. And they may find out how tough she is. It doesn't appear she will go away quietly. Thank you both very much.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Kelly continues to face fallout for her remarks concerning blackface, and questions are growing about her future at NBC News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58766105","title":"Megyn Kelly's lawyer to meet with NBC execs","url":"/GMA/News/video/megyn-kellys-lawyer-meet-nbc-executives-58766105"}