Memo alleges Trump nodded approval to proposed Russia meeting

Former campaign aide George Papadopoulos is claiming Trump supported his offer to facilitate a foreign policy meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin.
5:25 | 09/01/18

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Transcript for Memo alleges Trump nodded approval to proposed Russia meeting
on this morning. meantime, turnin president ump and stun clms now revealed in the sentencing ament from his formed The pdent also ghting back after comments he made about trade talks with Canada th were leak tic abc'kenneth Mon at the white house with the story. Kenneth, gd morning. Repr: Good moing, guys. President ump and this whi house insisting George papaworker. Ents otherwi and says Jeff seions, now the attorney general, appears openly sussible meeting with the Russians. This morning, former tru campaign F policy adviser George papadopoulos. Detailing what allegedly happened when he offered to set Ng betweenhen candidatnand Russian president Vladimir Putin. Papadopoulos a pivotal figure in ecial counl rt Mueller inveigion. The first tru campaign to plead guiltd coerate withsecutors aer he lied to Mueller's team about questions about the trump cagn's relatnship with Russia. A campaign meeting papadopoulos announced he connections lde a reign Poli meeting been trump and tin. While some rebuffed the offer Mr with appral and Defeo Mr. Sessions who appeared to like the idea and stated the campashould loo inis as a neabc news/"washington post" poll says 63% of acans suppo Mueller. 29% don't. The expected to increase H attacks on Mueller as he hits the campaign trail more aftabor day, E kickoff to the sprint to the novembidterms. We're working against a tide of we havmore peoplworking today than at any time in the Y of our cntry. Reporter: During a rolina, th present takingim media. He leak ofomment to bberg news claims was I said off the record and I statement about ch is fine because I love Canada. But they've taken advantof our country many years. Reportecommentson nafta negotiatiwere first reported by "The Toronto star" and not bloombng the presidenis making an compromises with Canada but he cannot say it publicly because, quote, it's goto insultiney're not ING to be able to make a deal. Thesident coirming the oret saying his powerful understanding witerg was blatant violated adding at least Canada knhe agree thatething is off the record, we respect that. The leaked cents complicating nafta talks. The government of Canada willnot sign an agreement unless 'S good for Canada and good focanadians. Rter: On papadopo the E has denihaesident trump remembers any exchange or offered to meet with Putin ernight the prest attacked that new ABC news/"washington post" pon a tweet and ifloomberg wld apologize for violating a firm off the record statement. Dan. Kenneth Moton ae white house, thank you. Let's brin in chief police analysmatthew do. A lot to D nafta, setting a the whole debate about H the recordments got ak which should NER happen, what are the real-life implions of this deal president is trying to cut with Canada? Is red nafta goi T good forhe American economy or bad? Well, so, the president was authed reform nafta B the coress but H to do it with Canada and -- he had to do it with canadaxi united ss against. He has a semblance of the deal. The problem is he doesn't a de W. So, he can't D anything E if he want withmexico I think this is the president's second most vuable probl he H the ole Mueller investigation, every surroundi T but is is why St of his voters vote he was the art oe and so he sn gotten a deal wi north kor. Heast gotten a deal with Iran. He hasn't gotten a deal in T Middle East. He has' gotten a deal oade and not one on nafta. The president has to get something I say it'his second most lnerable pitical probl S the presi, G to our most re , he's now dipped to 36% approval rating whh is pretty low. As we headlabor day after R day, it'the unofficial kickrm campaign season. What does the president's approval rating mean as we head intoseions. Well, this is anric low nu for a predent's fir midterm.if he ends up on election day 36%, no other predes gone on wi that. If you look at history, very likely to lose the cons, the house in ts election. 'Sproblem for the president. And most of the once a poll is done and once your ers are set by labor day, you can't hem in thedays run because erback and forth. This is a problem fo presidenbecause I K he now understands for the first time in weeks that if he loses the midterms he's under ion for two years by a subpoena. Matthew dowd, great tohave your analysis on a Saturday morning. Great to be here. In person Eveifhe preside persttacks our poll. Well, so about it. S okay. It's not a person so T doesn't have to be sensitive

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Former campaign aide George Papadopoulos is claiming Trump supported his offer to facilitate a foreign policy meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57546823","title":"Memo alleges Trump nodded approval to proposed Russia meeting","url":"/GMA/News/video/memo-alleges-trump-nodded-approval-proposed-russia-meeting-57546823"}