Men arrested at Starbucks speak out on settlement

EXCLUSIVE: Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson tell "GMA" why they settled with the city of Philadelphia for just $1 each.
7:29 | 05/03/18

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Transcript for Men arrested at Starbucks speak out on settlement
developments in a case that sparked outrage across the country. The two men who were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks have now reached a settlement with the company. They've also reached a settlement with the city of Philadelphia. First their story. What did they get called for? Because there are two black guys sitting here meeting? What did they do? Reporter: This is the video that's gone viral. They didn't do anything. I saw the entire thing. Reporter: Now counting over 11 million views when two black men, rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were arrested inside a Starbucks store. It sparked outrage nationwide over racial profiling. Reporter: Starbucks acting swiftly issuing an apology and CEO Kevin Johnson telling us on "Gma" the company plans to focus on increased training to avoid a situation like this in the future. I'd say there's training, more training that we're going to do with our store manager, not only around the guidelines but around unconscious bias. Reporter: Starbucks announced they would shut down their stores may 29th ton an unconscious bias training day and said there was an agreement made with Donte and rashon including a confidential financial settlement among other things. They reached a settlement with the city of Philadelphia. They only asked for $1 so symbolic $1 each and the city promising though to invest in a program for young entrepreneurs with $200,000 in funding. Early this morning I spoke with Donte Robinson and rashon Nelson along with their attorney Stewart Cohen. Thank you very much, it's good to see all of you once again. When you were last year, you both said you wanted to make a difference. Are you pleased with how things are working out so far, Donte? Yes, we are. We're here to focus, you know, the foundation and the program to help young entrepreneurs, particularly high school students in the public school district in Philadelphia. You're both young entrepreneurs. In fact, you were at Starbucks for a real estate deal. So, where does that stand and where do you want to go next, Donte? We're not really at liberty to discuss all of that. Now, with the Starbucks settlement, I know that the financial aspects of it cannot be disclosed. Is there anything else about your agreement with Starbucks that you can share with us? Well, the most important thing is the foundation, the fact that we have a seat at the table, you know, to work on, you know, reforms that be included in racial bias, leaning forward and hopefully other companies take what's Starbucks put an end to and they'll follow. Because we know later this month Starbucks will close their stores for this training. Will you be a part of that? What do you want to see happen with that. We want to and have our voices heard with general holder and, you know, hopefully other corporations will follow suit that Starbucks is doing and also to answer your question another speak on with Starbucks is they gave us the opportunity to take courses to complete our bachelor degrees, so we appreciate the opportunity also. Will you take them up on that opportunity? Right now I can't say I will right now but definitely when I feel as though it's needed I will. You appreciate the opportunity. Definitely appreciate the opportunity. You were referring to former attorney general Eric Holder who is going to be a part of these meetings. So, what did we learn from this right now, Mr. Cohen? Well, what I've learned from these young men is the importance of action. Not words. They said they were going to take a very bad situation and turn it into something good and they did. And they did it through dialogue and cooperation, the CEO of Starbucks is going to personally mentor these two young men going forward. After they met, he was so impressed and they were so impressed with one another that they're going to is a continuing relationship so not only do they have a seat at the table, and not only do we have this settlement, but we have the beginning of a relationship. We have seen since your video went viral there have been other postings across the country with similar kind of situations. What -- what can we do here? Well, that's where this program and foundation came about. We feel as though it starts with us, our communities, our, you know, quote/unquote underserved communities and teaching them. Not just about entrepreneurship and proper etiquette but proper literacy and knowing about taxes and how to use money as a tool so it's much deeper than just starting a business. We give you these tools. We're working on this curriculum to pry these tools to these young students. This $200,000 is only going to last a year. How will we fund it afterwards and make this program grow? The goal is to bring people together so we can continue it on for generation after generation. Not just something we want to do, you know, for a year with the grant that we are blessed with. This is something we want to bring together and get commitments so people can come together and raise money and continue this program, not just in Philadelphia but worldwide. What do you want people to remember most about your story? Looking at how we took a negative and turned it into a positive, that's really all we want. You know what I mean, not to focus on the negative, you know, but just to focus on a positive outcome. People with other solutions so we can keep moving forward like we truly want to. Yeah. Robin, I think they have an ask for you too. Okay. If you would like to be a part of it in any way, form or fashion. I'd be honored. I would be honored. It is a necessary discussion. We know that you have limited the number of interviews that you have done and we -- I personally appreciate you coming here to "Good morning America," our audience appreciates it very much. And it would be my honor to as you said let's not make just a moment but a movement to bring about real change and I know that's important to all of you. Yes. Definitely. You are men of few words but a lot of action and I appreciate that. Very much. Nice to see the smiles. Mr. Cohen, thank you very much. Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you, robin. They are excited about this program and still working out the details of what exactly it's going to be but the fact that the CEO Kevin Johnson was so taken by them and they by him that the CEO of Starbucks, that man right there will mentor these young men. And taking the initiative. You're going to be part of it too. Very smart of them. It is. We've had the discussion and gotten great feedback from the public, and saying they were just appalled that you could be arrested as they were and as Donte said let's not talk about the negative. Let's talk about the positive so we'll see what happens there. Yeah, negative -- What was I going to say, to? They knew what they were doing. Very, very good. They're smart. Kids are smart.

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{"id":54902995,"title":"Men arrested at Starbucks speak out on settlement","duration":"7:29","description":"EXCLUSIVE: Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson tell \"GMA\" why they settled with the city of Philadelphia for just $1 each.","url":"/GMA/News/video/men-arrested-starbucks-speak-settlement-54902995","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}