Millions suffer through deep freeze without power

More than three million people in Texas are waking up without power after record-low temperatures hit the Lone Star state and led to rolling blackouts.
2:52 | 02/17/21

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Transcript for Millions suffer through deep freeze without power
Wednesday morning. Our top story, that relentless winter blast That's a look at Oklahoma City. The snow is coming down. Just 11 degrees there. Oklahoma just 1 of 22 states where the storm is impacting the vaccine rollout. At least 22 states have delayed or canceled vaccinations as more than 3.3 million people are waking up without power. Texas with the majority of those. Most of Houston in the dark. We're going to go to Marcus Moore with the latest from Dallas this morning. Good morning, Marcus. Reporter: Michael, good morning. Another round of wintry weather is hitting an area already paralyzed by the first storm and this morning snow and ice covering the region as many people remain in the dark. This morning, arctic air power grids failing and millions left to cope with the cold. Amarillo getting pummeled. Cars and trucks sliding off the tow trucks out rescuing drivers as temperatures drop near zero hitting record low temperatures not seen in a century and people are cranking up the heat which is taxing the state's electrical system leading to cascading power outages and rolling blackouts. This morning, more than 3 million waking up without power. This is tragic. Haven't had power since 5:00 A.M. Yesterday. Reporter: The cold and loss of power turning deadly. At least 20 people have died including an 8-year-old girl and a woman dying from carbon monoxide poisoning after a car was left running in a garage to help create heat. In Houston, hospitals treating at least 140 patients including a mother and child in critical condition after using charcoal indoor to stay warm. Outrage over images like this, describe scrapers lit up while surrounding neighborhoods were left in the dark. What is going on is completely unacceptable. Reporter: Greg Abbott speaking to KTRK. We are going to have to restructure to make sure that situations like this never occur again. Reporter: While Houston's mayor was at home also speaking to KTRK they were plunged into darkness. People have made some life-and-death choices because they were trying to keep themselves warm. Oh, no, we just lost power. Reporter: But for the millions bundled up with no electricity this has been life for days. This room it is 33 degrees. Reporter: In Austin Andrew and his wife finding ways to keep warm. You'll see a blanket here and blue scotch tape doing anything possible to keep the heat in. Reporter: Energy providers have been able to restore power to some of the homes and businesses here but it's only a fraction compared to the millions who have been without power for days and, Michael, it likely won't be restored to any significant degree until the temperatures here get back above freezing. We hope that's soon, Marcus, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"More than three million people in Texas are waking up without power after record-low temperatures hit the Lone Star state and led to rolling blackouts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75941656","title":"Millions suffer through deep freeze without power","url":"/GMA/News/video/millions-suffer-deep-freeze-power-75941656"}