Nestor hits the Eastern Gulf Coast

Nestor expected to tear through the panhandle before moving right through the southeastern region.
3:22 | 10/19/19

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Transcript for Nestor hits the Eastern Gulf Coast
Good morning, and let's get straight to the breaking news, the dangerous storm, Nestor, moving into the Florida panhandle this morning. The effects of the storm being felt already across the region. Hundreds of miles away from the center of the storm, look at this video, a driver seeing flying debris and in Tampa in the surrounding area a suspected tornado flipping an rv. So, here's a look at the radar now. Nestor expected to tear through the panhandle this morning before moving right through the southeastern U.S. With high winds and heavy rain. We have team coverage. Rob Marciano is tracking the storm but first let's go to ABC's Victor Oquendo who is in the thick of it in Panama City beach, Victor, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, whit. We felt the effects of Nestor throughout the night. Here on Panama City beach the winds really whipping up this surf here behind us. There is storm surge all along the big bend as Nestor bears down on the coast. This morning, Nestor barreling into Florida. Several reported tornadoes sending debris flying into parts of the Tampa bay area. An rv tossed on its side. The storm whipping up gusty winds and dangerous storm surge. Streets flooded in the panhandle. Water reaching these businesses. This coming one year after category 5 hurricane Michael struck the same part of the Florida panhandle, making landfall in Mexico beach. Thiss what Mexico beach looks like now as many are still struggling to recover from the devastation. We spoke with gale Evans living in this trailer after losing her home. Do you feel safe in that with the storm coming? Depends on the wind loads. If the wind is significant I'll have to leave. Reporter: While Nestor may be hundreds of miles away, new Orleans isn't taking any chances. Fearing strong winds, officials are set to demolish two cranes today at the site of last week's deadly collapse at the hard rock hotel. We're bracing for these conditions throughout the day as Nestor continues pushing inland and dropping a lot more rain. Dan. A lot more to come here, Victor. Thank you very much. Let's dig in on the exact track of the storm. Rob, of course, is covering that angle in state college, Pennsylvania, this morning. Rob, good morning to you. Good morning, Dan. Such a huge area of the southeast impacted by Nestor. It's a mess down there. This late in the season storms can get hybrid-like. And that's what we've seen with this. The center is still 70 miles southwest of apalachicola but most of the heavy weather is lopsided to the east side of this. That's where we've had most of the action overnight and will continue to have and where we have the most wind shear so tornado watches in effect. We had several reports of tornadoes this morning and this is in effect until at least noon, Tampa, Orlando, that may be extended through Gainesville and northward. This area very susceptible to storm surge so warnings are posted. Three to five feet anywhere from apalachicola, cedar key and Tampa bay as you have that southwest fetch, and we'll have for several more hours, that surge will continue. The forecast track, landfall later on today whatever is left and turning into an extra tropical storm as it goes through Georgia and the Carolinas tomorrow and then eventually out to sea but impacts much of the east coast throughout the rest of the weekend. We'll talk more about that in detail in just a few minutes. Guys, back up to you. All right, rob, we'll check back with you soon. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Nestor expected to tear through the panhandle before moving right through the southeastern region.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66387829","title":"Nestor hits the Eastern Gulf Coast","url":"/GMA/News/video/nestor-hits-eastern-gulf-coast-66387829"}