Officer tases, arrests woman for not wearing a mask at football game

A school resource police officer at a middle school in Ohio physically cuffed and removed Alecia Kitts from the bleachers after she was asked to leave the premises for violating school policy.
5:04 | 09/25/20

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Transcript for Officer tases, arrests woman for not wearing a mask at football game
you about starting with the Ohio woman who was tased at a middle school football game after refusing to wear a mask. She was arrested and charged with trespassing after refusing to leave the stands where masks were required. T.J. Holmes has more on this. Reporter: I feel like I have to tell viewers, yes, you heard correctly. A dispute over a mask led to a woman being tased by a cop at a middle school game. Of course, no it should have never come to this, and as shocking as this video is, it might leave a lot of mask wearers wondering, what is your right to refuse and what is law enforcement's ability to enforce? This confrontation between a woman and a police officer all started over a mask. Stop it. Let go of my wrist. Reporter: At a middle school football game in Ohio Wednesday, a woman in the stands refused to put on a face covering, violating the school district policy requiring speck traitors to wear masks at games. When confronted by the school resource police officer, they say she refused to put on a mask and when asked to leave, she wouldn't comply. Watch what happens next. Get off of me. Get off of me. Put your hands behind your I will not put my hands behind my back. Reporter: The officer explains that she's being arrested. When she continues to resist, he uses his taser. You can hear other spectators in disbelief. This is over a mask. Reporter: The scuffle continues as the officer handcuffs her and tries to remove her from the stands. We've done this how many times together? Reporter: Police say the woman is Alecia Kitts and that she told them they refused to put on the mask because of her asthma. They also say Kitts wasn't technically arrested for not wearing a mask rather saying in a statement, she was asked to leave the premises for continually violating school policy. After refusing, she was arrested for criminal trespassing, and then required the use of force. They placed the school on lockout after receiving threats on Thursday though none were found to be credible. They say the district has done their best to make the mask policy clear. We have signs in our stadium. We remind parents when they come in. We do public announcements, be sure to wear your mask. Kids are watching so I think as adults, we have to follow the rules. Reporter: We've seen instances before whether on the football field or the skies. Tense moments over mask use. In regards to the woman's claim she didn't want to wear a machk because of her asthma, Cecilia, a lot of people who believe that it is more difficult to breathe in a mask if you have asthma. There is no firm data that says people with asthma are more prone to getting covid, so everybody wear your mask. We'll break this down with chief legal analyst Dan Abrams. Hey, Dan. Let's get right to what T.J. Said at the start of this. This is shocking that it came to so what are the rights? What's the breakdown of the rights for the woman, the rights for the school? Well, so I think we need to be clear again as T.J. Pointed out. The police would say she was not arrested for not wearing a mask. She was arrested because she asked her to leave the premises and she refused, but look. There is a statewide order in place requiring people to wear masks. There is also an exception for underlying conditions. This is one of those tricky situations where the police clearly were trying to execute on something that the school had wanted which is to ensure that people in the stands were wearing masks. They asked her, and she refused. This is a challenge that's going on around the country, and how much enforcement should police do of these statewide or county-wide orders? Here the police officer decided to really try to enforce it. The question down the road is going to be of course, did he need to use the kind of force that he did in using a taser? You mentioned underlying conditions, asthma. Do police, authorities have to hon hear the? -- Honor that? Under the law of Ohio, if you have an underlying condition, you are provided with an exception to wearing a mask, but again, making these sorts of calls on the fly as with the case here does get difficult, and this goes again to the question of how hard to enforce these kinds of orders instead of simply just saying, hey. You're supposed to wear a mask, a reminder versus if you don't wear a mask, we're going to get you out of here. So we've seen cases like this, people not being allowed to travel on planes. We've seen this woman removed from the stadium here. Where do cases end up going? Are people getting jail time or charged in the end? In almost all of these cases, the cases are being dismissed and resolved after. All right, Dan. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"A school resource police officer at a middle school in Ohio physically cuffed and removed Alecia Kitts from the bleachers after she was asked to leave the premises for violating school policy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73237382","title":"Officer tases, arrests woman for not wearing a mask at football game","url":"/GMA/News/video/officer-tases-arrests-woman-wearing-mask-football-game-73237382"}