Pacific Northwest slammed by major winter storm

Hundreds of flights at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport were delayed or cancelled.
1:50 | 02/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pacific Northwest slammed by major winter storm
And a dangerous winter storm pounding the northwest this morning causing white out conditions as writers in the north east last week now the northwest rob Marciano here with the very latest rob good morning good morning we're really entire West Coast rain across temperatures to Los Angeles and snow down the lower elevations of some of the mounds outside of LA but yes it's the northwest. That's really bearing the brunt of this Portland seen rain turned to snow it's been all snow in Seattle overnight point off all sorts of problems this is a rare. Second punch of snow this week for Seattle. And they called the emerald city but this morning it is covered in white. Overnight the northwest slammed again by another winter storm bringing near white out conditions in Seattle. The wintry mess of heavy snow and ice blanketing parts of Washington. Backing up rush hour traffic for miles two hours on prior to your home. It's bad cars like this one left abandoned as slippery roads and visibility become a huge issue for drivers wind gusts reaching up to 45 miles per hour in some areas bringing down trees blocking roads. Drivers stranded and some forced to pull over. Watch as several people helped push this far along an icy road and take a look at this truck that needed to be changed up and pulled out. Major highways closed down due to collisions like this one. And this boss stuck struggling to get moving. The driver eventually giving up. We need some help to get back on the street the storm hitting the Seattle metro area the hardest with more than six inches as snow dumping on the city. Planes grounded at the Seattle Tacoma airport with hundreds of flights delayed or canceled. Seattle's pretty far north but at a climate it's very similar to London snow of this magnitude is very rare and we're seeing upwards of eight to ten inches in some of the hills to its outside of the city so and they're not they're very well equipped to handle.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Hundreds of flights at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport were delayed or cancelled.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60955931","title":"Pacific Northwest slammed by major winter storm","url":"/GMA/News/video/pacific-northwest-slammed-major-winter-storm-60955931"}