The partial government shutdown enters Day 23

No meetings have been scheduled between President Trump and congressional Democrats as he slams reports he was investigated by the FBI after firing James Comey.
6:01 | 01/13/19

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Transcript for The partial government shutdown enters Day 23
Now seeing a record Herschel government shut down 23 days and counting and that ripple effects are being felt all across the country. At Miami International Airport an entire terminal had to be shut down because so many TSA agents and didn't show up for work. At a new ABC news Washington Post poll just release reveals who is being blamed for all of this 53%. Say president trump and Republicans are mainly responsible for the shut down while 29% say Democrats are to blame. But there is growing support for that border wall 42%. Now say they support it up from 34%. A year ago. It's quite a change all of this happening as the president fires back against reports the FBI. Once opened an investigation into him and possible influence by the Russian government. ABC's White House correspondent terror on the areas at the white house with more on that hole and the latest impact on the shut down good morning Tara. Good morning Adrian the president. Is under fire under both. Fronts a political battle over this border wall and negotiations completely broke in down. At the same time they are new questions about his relationship with Russia. On the 23 day of the government shut down the president asking that Democrats come back to the White House and make a deal I am ready. Jew sign it and they're not. But also warning he may declare a national emergency to bypass congress and build the wall himself something many fear is an overreach of executive power. They don't come to their senses you know what I'll do I'll do a national emergency. The last time the president met with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was Thursday Democrats say the president slammed his hands on the table and walked out when colosio refused to fund a border wall even if you reopen the government. This morning meanwhile the president pushing back against a shocking new report in the New York Times the FBI launched counter intelligence investigation. To see if trump was working on behalf of the Russians when he fired FBI director genes Komi sounded ask you are you now or have you ever worked for Russia Mr. President. I they get the most insulting article I've ever had written. And if you read the article you see that they found absolutely nothing. The Washington Post also reporting that the president has gone out of his weight to height conversations with Russian president Vladimir Putin. According to the paper he confiscated his interpreted as notes on their meeting at Humber. I'm not keeping anything under wraps anybody could've listen to that meeting that meeting is open for grabs. Still little is known about that summit in Helsinki between the president Vladimir cooling. The house Ford affairs committee plans to further investigate what was discussed. And one of their first tardy to may be the translator. At that summit the only person with the president besides who wooden and his translator but their questions over what planet precedent this sets for confidentiality. And whether the president's executive privilege extends to her. Skies. All right thank you so much terrorist a warm my goodness it's coming down right now. So we want to bring in our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos who will be hosting this morning right where this morning good morning good to have you. So we have two things here we have the New York Times report about how the FBI opened this in Cleary. As to whether president trump may have been working for the Russian government video the Washington Post reports that president tried to keep the Blatter near Putin's secret so how significant. Are these to report these are breathtaking especially when you take him to get us take a look at the New York Times report first what they're saying here's that FBI agents others in the government. We're so concerned by the president's behavior in the Oval Office that they had an open up an investigation into whether sitting president. Was working for the Russian government that has never happened before nothing like it. Full stop and then you combine it. With the fact that the president has had several private meetings Leno couldn't five. Over the last couple of years where he's gone to extraordinary links again the foreign policy professionals and never seen before to conceal what happened in those meetings. Even from people inside his own government. And from that Washington Post report there's actually one little nugget there was quite surprising if it was coming out of a Hamburg meeting. The interpreter did was able to brief before the president stopped at some other administration officials. As it reported that when. Let recruiting denied interfering. In our elections president trump said I believe you. Big news right there. I just think let's go back to that ABC Washington Post poll giving us an insight into how people feel about the shut down. And the law how does this information change how either side to the strategize as what to do net. Good question I'm not sure well right now as we saw in our poll is that right now the public overwhelmingly blames the president and congressional Republicans rather than Democrats but they also say they want Democrats. To compromise I think that they do. If the pressure isn't yet building to the degree it will take. To solve this by eight is revealed by another number in that poll has at 82% of Americans don't feel inconvenienced. By this government shutdown so far I think until that number climbs you're not gonna see the pressure build to the point where it might make a difference. Yeah and George the poll also shows that most Americans oppose the declaration of a national emergency to fund the border wall. How likely is it though you think the president will follow through on his threat. Hard hard to read. Headache the president's been all over the map on that over the course. Of the last week it seemed like he was leaning into a just a couple of days away from doing that on Friday so he's not gonna do it White House says there's still open still looking at that event that idea. But the president that there is not only facing opposition from Democrats potential problems in the course yellow lot of Republicans. Who are very leery of the president getting any president this kind of power because they be worried what happen if a democratic president had the same power. Exactly things like climate change or gun control something like that. Georgia busy show for a one guy on this Sunday thanks so much we appreciate if of course George will have the latest on the longest government shutdown in US history later this morning. He'll speak to two top leaders in congress house Republican whip Steve still lease. And senate democratic whip Dick Durbin that's all coming up on this week right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"No meetings have been scheduled between President Trump and congressional Democrats as he slams reports he was investigated by the FBI after firing James Comey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60343914","title":"The partial government shutdown enters Day 23","url":"/GMA/News/video/partial-government-shutdown-enters-day-23-60343914"}