Pittsburgh community shattered by mass shooting at synagogue

Hundreds of residents gather overnight for candlelight vigil to honor shooting victims.
3:14 | 10/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pittsburgh community shattered by mass shooting at synagogue
Overnight hundreds of people gathered for a candlelight VI -- vigil for the victims. That shooting happening in the Pittsburgh neighborhood known as squirrel hill. A community targeted because of its faith. Erielle reshef is in Pittsburgh with us this morning. Good morning. Good morning to you, whit. As that tragedy was unfolding, just down the street inside that synagogue so many people in this neighborhood tell me they were going door to door checking on their neighbors. That's just the type of community this is. Squirrel hill for so many here, this is personal and painful for so many around the world. This is hitting the heart and hitting home. Reporter: This morning a tight-knit Pittsburgh community gripped by despair and disbelief. We pray for the blessed memory of those who have died, for the healing of all of those wounded, for the grieving. Reporter: A gunman opening fire on the unsuspecting congregation trapped in a beloved sanctuary where they came to worship and celebrate a cherished life changing event. A baby naming for a newborn boy. My father-in-law was inside. I got married in that place. This is crazy. It's unbelievable. People have to stop the hate. Reporter: The residents of squirrel hill reeling. Freddie Rabner was a member of the synagogue and lives blocks away. Did that drum up memories of your own son's bar mitzvah? When you hear this happened when a family was celebrating joy. You think how horrific that would be to have that joyous moment change into a bloody event. Reporter: Heart ache casting a shadow as the lives taken senselessly begin to come into focus. The neighborhood beginning to process the weight of this loss. This hits the heart? You don't know how to feel. You feel like you're floating around today. It's surreal. I don't think it's hit me yet. Reporter: Deep sadness and solidarity. In tel aviv a memorial. The city hall aye -- aglow with the American flag. A candlelight vigil in Pittsburgh for the victims. A community standing shoulder to shoulder. Anthems of fellowship of hope that you heard there. Whit, I know people whose families were members of this congregation for generations. They're feeling the warm embrace of not only the jewish community, but also the community at large. Jewish representatives sending people to show solidarity and members of the enter faith community have sent people here. We also know there's a go fund me page to support the victims. Whit. That's absolutely right, we've seen the strength and love, the outpouring of support from this community. We're also vol -- following the victims. We expect to get a lot more information about the victims as the day unfolds. Dan and Eva, back to you. Thanks, whit. What a senseless tragedy.

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{"id":58803484,"title":"Pittsburgh community shattered by mass shooting at synagogue","duration":"3:14","description":"Hundreds of residents gather overnight for candlelight vigil to honor shooting victims. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/pittsburgh-community-shattered-mass-shooting-synagogue-58803484","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}