Ex-Playboy model reportedly paid to keep quiet about alleged affair with Trump

Karen McDougal, a one-time Playboy playmate of the year, reportedly sold her account to the National Enquirer about an alleged affair with Donald Trump, but it never published such an accusation.
5:48 | 02/16/18

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Transcript for Ex-Playboy model reportedly paid to keep quiet about alleged affair with Trump
Back now with that bombshell story about Donald Trump and the playmate of the year. It's breaking in "The new Yorker" at it bought the rights of her affair but never public blush -- published it. She is the former "Playboy" model speaking out for the first time since her deal with "The national enquirer" which paid $150,000 for the exclusive rights to her claims with an affair with Donald Trump in 2006, less than two years after he married his current wife Melania. The national enquirer" never printed it but it prevented Mcdougal from telling her story. Now "The new Yorker" is saying it obtained eight-page report about it. She confirmed to be written in her handwriting and wrote she met trump at a party in June 2006 at the playboy mansion after he taped "The apprentice" and added trump took a liking to me. Kept talking to me. Telling me how beautiful I was. Mcdougal's document describes their first date as dinner in a private bungalow at the Beverly hills hotel where they had sex. We talked for a couple of hours then it was on and Mcdougal wrote he offered me money. I looked at him and felt said, said, no thanks, I'm not that girl. Afterward she went to see him every time he was in L.A. Which was a lot and he hid the fact that he paid for her travel. Every time I flew to meet him, she wrote, I booked paid for flight and hotel and reimbursed me and wrote an affair between trump and stormy Daniels began while he and Mcdougal were together as well. And according to "The New York evacuate Mcdougal's affair lasted nine months. Mcdougal notes say she ended it in April 2007. The white house says this is old news and deny the affair. Ronan farrow, thanks for coming back. Soy "Wall Street journal" just a couple days before the election wrote about the national enquirer paying $150,000 for this. You have brand-new stuff including the handwritten notes. New on a couple of levels. One is the underlying chronicle of the affair reveals a lot of patterns we're now seeing in the mu accounts of either consensual affairs or alleged nonconsensual activity with trump. One of the things we know just recently have seen this payment, $130,000 to stormy. So this is the other I think systemic thing revealed by the account of this story from Karen Mcdougal. She feels she was trapped into an ex-employ Tay tiff contract that bound her to silence and that's something she finds frustrating. Let's talk about this pattern and what the national enquirer did, catch and kill. You pay for the writes of a story and don't run it. They say because they didn't find it credible. Six former Ami employees tell me that's not the case, it was a routine activity by David peeker, the head of the national enquirer who pledged his loyalty to trump and this is the interesting and troubling dimension, George, these, you know, dirty stories about high-profile individuals would be used as leverage over those individuals. Obviously national security implications here when that happens to be the president. You make it sound like the president is vulnerable to blackmail by the national enquirer because they did him this favor. We don't use the word blackmail but multiple employees called it leverage. Is that something David would do without telling trump other getting permission or him not directing it. That's the question. Our reporting certainly suggests that, again, according to Ami insider, there was knowledge of this loyalty to trump and that this flowed from that. We do not report that trump ordered this. Mcdougal still cannot talk about the affair. This is an interesting question. She says she cannot. You know, Ami in a comment we gave them a full opportunity to give their perspective as we always do says, you know, actually now we feel she can speak in response to legitimate journalistic inquiries. She and her representatives feel that that is not the case looking at the letter of the contract. So tell us about this eight-page document. Why was it created. How did you get it. She wrote a detailed chronicle of this affair in the course of selling this story. Now, she didn't run out and pitch this story herself. You know, by her account -- Back in 2016. Correct. You know, she talks about having watched television with a friend she was staying with and that friend urged her to write down the story potentially to sell it and that, I think, you know, in her view caught her unawares and was sort of backed into a situation where she feared the story was going to leak and she signed this deal after pitching it in several places. She I think readily admits that she consented to that deal but feels now that the heavy burden of silence. You say in recent days and weeks the national enquirer has come back with more offers? In the wake of these stormy Daniels story, revelations about other infidelity on the part of trump allegedly, there has been an uptick in contact between Ami this media company and Karen Mcdougal. They did have intermittent contact with her over the past year but according to multiple sources and document we have, that contact has sharply increased and as recently as several days ago, they were aggressively seeking to have her sign new contracts in what new does this tell us about president trump. V in this country the most powerful and wealthy men can command an elaborate system to silence people with stories about them that they don't want out in the public and obviously for a sitting president to be the beneficiary is pretty unprecedent snider we know this has happened with stormy Daniels to some degree, some kind of payment and now Karen Mcdougal. Do you think it's the last one? You know, I only comment on reporting we put out. Ronan farrow, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Karen McDougal, a one-time Playboy playmate of the year, reportedly sold her account to the National Enquirer about an alleged affair with Donald Trump, but it never published such an accusation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53138434","title":"Ex-Playboy model reportedly paid to keep quiet about alleged affair with Trump","url":"/GMA/News/video/playboy-playmate-claims-paid-quiet-alleged-trump-affair-53138434"}