Police department launches high-tech effort to fight package thieves

A police department in New Jersey put GPS tracking devices inside bait packages with Amazon's help.
3:02 | 12/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police department launches high-tech effort to fight package thieves
We're back now with a new way police are battling porch pirates, pulling off high-tech sting operations. The U.S. Postal service says it will deliver 9 million packages this holiday season. One New Jersey City is teaming up with Amazon and the company ring to protect them. Gio Benitez has more on that good morning, gio. Reporter: Yeah, in the first four hours of this undercover sting, police in Jersey City say they already arrested three suspects. It's one of the first police departments in the country now using technology to outsmart those porch pirates. We see them time and again during the holidays, those package bandits swiping boxes right off your doorstep. Just this Monday police say these two women pulled up to a Tampa home, stole the packages and drove off. And sometimes police get lucky recovering piles of pilfered packages but now this morning police are taking action. One police department in new Jersey is launching a high-tech effort to take on thieves. Whaef here is the locations where our gps devices are deployed right now. Reporter: Jersey City police chief Michael Kelly giving us a look at their sting putting gps tracking devices inside packages. This is an undercover officer showing us how he would deliver one of these bait packages. You just started this program. And you said within the first eight minutes -- Yeah, this morning the detectives deployed this and within eight minutes we had movement on one and swooped in and made the arrest. Reporter: When they suspect they're stolen based on unusual movement officers in the burglary unit will hear this. And close in on the suspects. Captain James creco helped start the program with Amazon's help. Amazon gave you these boxes to make them look as real as possible. We actually cent to their facility in Staten Island and allowed us to pick out the boxes we were going to use and had one of their security guys print out labels and placed the labels on it so they looked authentic. Reporter: Officers are also donating doorbell cameras to homeowners hoping they get images of those overnight thieves. The message to the bad guys are, we're going to catch you and that's a message that we have not been able to say with any frequency prior to the implementation of this program. Reporter: That's what they say. This is helpful because the chief says this program actually frees up resources and requires less officers to catch thieves right away. They'll be right back at it this morning. They really hope this goes nationwide. Can you tell the difference between the real and fake box? I got to tell you, I can't this. Is a real box right here but I was holding that fake box, that bait box, exactly the same, Amazon prints out those labels and even have the same Amazon inventory codes because these porch pirates are smart. They're looking at the codes. They know what's inside the box. I think when you're taking something you're not -- get it and go anyway, right? Absolutely. This just happened to my mom a few months ago.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"A police department in New Jersey put GPS tracking devices inside bait packages with Amazon's help. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59770545","title":"Police department launches high-tech effort to fight package thieves ","url":"/GMA/News/video/police-department-launches-high-tech-effort-fight-package-59770545"}