Police produce 'Serial'-style podcast to catch a murderer

The officers began a podcast series in an effort to catch a millionaire fugitive accused of killing his wife.
2:24 | 09/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police produce 'Serial'-style podcast to catch a murderer
catch a millionaire fugitive on E run. Authoriti in California creating their ownerial podcast, hoping it will ld them businessman accused of killing his wife. Marci Gonzalez has more. Reporter: This morning, investigators taking an unconventional, modern approto track dn used killer. The countdown to capture begins now. Reporr: Police Newport beach launching their own podcast. Hoping the chilling tail of Q.C. Chad wick's murder in20 will spark enough interest to ew as they search for fugitive band. Oday, I'llell you more about Peter Chadwick. Reporter: Police sa 54-year-old Peter strangled his wife of 21rs at home left her bodyide this dumpster. Day police say the an thenid at ifepoint. They killed her yesterday. Reporter: The six episodes E down to cture podca going into details. He blood on his ha the ratches, the bite marks on hibody, and E S in his story, perhaps it should come asno Surpris Repr:ed $1.5 million bail. His port seizeby police then, in 2015, investigators say he E banac vanished. E does havmoney. S able to do some things that other fugitivan't. Reporter: Ahorities S he could be anywhere the world. Wasing to new tips, police are hopeful adwick's days on run could be number Befe the podcast, we were not getti cls from the public. And now we ait takes is good tip F us to be able to find him. Reporr: The father of THR is on E shal's wanted fugitive list. Ere's a $100,0 reward F S arrest. The first three episodes of "Countdowncapture" a out now. Liing it gets people talking the way otpodcasts GU ifhis works, otheepartmentsill adopt thepractice. Appreciate it, M Ts weather po is

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"The officers began a podcast series in an effort to catch a millionaire fugitive accused of killing his wife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58020864","title":"Police produce 'Serial'-style podcast to catch a murderer","url":"/GMA/News/video/police-produce-serial-style-podcast-catch-murderer-58020864"}