Powerful storms sweep the South

Extreme weather overnight hit the heartland, where areas including Oklahoma and Texas were pummeled with both tornadoes and flooding.
3:01 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for Powerful storms sweep the South
We turn now to that extreme weather that's hitting the plains overnight from Oklahoma to Texas. They're both facing tornadoes and flooding. Houston underwater getting more than ten inches of rain and Maggie Rulli is is there in Cleveland, Texas, and, good morning, Maggie. This was so serious students had to shelter at school. Reporter: Yeah, Michael, at one point there were more than 800 students stranded here at south side elementary school. Some as young as 4 years old. Now, right now this morning there are still 60 students sleeping just around the corner. Their parents either trapped at home or forced to abandon their cars in the rising floodwater. This morning, the southern plains are getting slammed. The heavy downpour in Houston halting traffic leaving hundreds of students stranded at school overnight. Their parents not able to make it through the high waters to pick them up. These children at a Texas day care dangling their feet in the floodwater. Others sitting in chairs and classrooms filled with floodwater. I tried to come to pick them out or pick him up a couple of times today. Got down the road and the water was so high, I turned around. Reporter: Runs of rest accidents forced to abandon their cars. The Houston fire department reporting 40 water rescues. Houston's bracing for more flooding with some areas getting as much as ten inches of rainfall already with more rain expected this week. One county issuing a disaster declaration for flash flooding overnight. At least 13 reported tornadoes touching down including this pair of twisters in tulia, Texas. Overnight this tornado touching down in Oklahoma sending power lines toppling and debris flying. Well, school here is closed today as the remaining students get ready to be sent home in an hour or so but, Michael, I have to say it's been amazing to see howhis city has rallied around their kids, local organization brought in cots and pizza and dozens of these faculty members and staff were all here throughout the night to keep the kids company. Even playing soothing music while they slept next door. Michael, you know, this could have been a very scary situation for many of these little children but it actually turned into kind of a schoolwide slumber party so happy end to the story. It looks like everybody is chipping in to help out. Thank you so much. This severe weather is not going away any time soon. Let's bring in rob. Good morning. Good morning. At least two more days of severe weather. Got to show you twin tornadoes again, shows you how dynamic it is. The main vortex, this one probably out of the downdrafts in tulia and after it illuminates the silhouette and makes it feel like a monster at night. A frightening scene and rainfall, Wichita, you're flooding with rescues ongoing and across parts of south Texas where the main threat for tornadoes will be today. Austin, Waco through Shreveport and Dallas through the early morning hours and shifting over towards Louisiana and the Mississippi valley and farther east after that.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Extreme weather overnight hit the heartland, where areas including Oklahoma and Texas were pummeled with both tornadoes and flooding. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62898579","title":"Powerful storms sweep the South","url":"/GMA/News/video/powerful-storms-sweep-south-62898579"}