President Trump, Putin meet in Finland

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met Monday for a summit on neutral ground in Helsinki, Finland.
12:54 | 07/16/18

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Transcript for President Trump, Putin meet in Finland
This is an ABC news special report trump then Putin one on one. Now reporting from Helsinki. George Stephanopoulos. And we're back now live from Helsinki where president jumps about to be Vladimir Putin that's the door. We see Sarah Sanders the white house Press Secretary John Bolton. The president's national security advisor. Waiting for that first handshake between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump their first summit meeting. Of the two presidents of course the let us now trying to say this is not a summer trying to downgrade this to just a meeting. Concerned about expectations here the president trying to lower expectations. As well. But Jon Karl's I was just saying to you the president actually congratulated Latimer food over the weekend no word. On those indictments of Russian intelligence congratulate him on the World Cup. No word on that directly from the president and George the striking dichotomy here is that from the president's national security team you see you here. Very strong words about Russia. I interviewed as national security advisor John Bolton he's seen there just yesterday he said these indictments strengthen the president's hand. He said it is hard to believe that potent himself. Would not have known about Russian about his own government's efforts to interfere in our presidential election and that he would strongly bring this up in the meeting. But there is absolutely no indication from the president's own words that he is truly concerned about this. It concerned about the Russian side of this. He's lashing out at Democrats he's lashing out at Robert Mueller but he is not criticizing Vladimir for. You seeing some Republicans John McCain Republican Ben SaaS of Nebraska saying the president ought to cancel the meaning he's not gonna hold. Lehpamer couldn't put accountable that's on the it has also been picked up by Democrats John. Democrats across the border saying that this meeting should have been canceled. Once those that indictment dropped what we saw. It store detailed exactly what the Russians did to interfere. With the US election stark detail what they did to hack into the emails of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign. That's obviously not gonna happen so now the question is will the president directly bring this up in the meeting. And yes we've heard from his advisors that is supposedly on the agenda. One real area of concern here George is that this first meeting. It's gonna happen as you mentioned one on one the two presidents. Trump and prudent alone with just translators. None of the president's national success domain. And we're about to see the president's right there. We're hearing that it's been. Of those victims that it confident. Review the issue. Judy good minutes. What you feel. Management. Upstate. Call. Things thank you. We. Woke up one of the best ever from what everybody knows who one of the best better. People doing so well. What what they did he. Soccer. What a bit of it and watch the entire phone. The semifinals. Relations. Most importantly we have a lot of good things did wrong. Things could go. It's got good news. The parade of military missiles have been created child. Will be but about China. And mutual friend president chief. I think we have great opportunities together. People. Yeah. I'm very well. Too long added. It's getting close to you. And staying here you've heard over the years. And as I can't. Getting along with the Russia is a good thing. Her. To see yes. We are these two great nuclear power. 8% the nuclear. And not a good thing it's a bad thing. Yeah hopefully can do something about it because it not possible forces connected. So we'll be talking about. Yeah. And when that the world awaits and I look forward looking. Personal possession which I think begins now and then within a meter hole. Got quite a few representative. We all have a lot of questions and hopefully we'll come up within choose most. Freight. Right here. And there you see that handshake between president trump then present food and now they're gonna go behind closed doors one on one just translators. For the first part of this all day meeting here in Helsinki Finland. Pretty remarkable comments there from president trump started it out that you big events over the weekend. That indictment from Robert Mueller of twelve Russian nationals for interfering in our election of course for between the World Cup. President just gradually bladder a prudent. Over the World Cup did not mention at all Terry Moran Russian meddling in our elections. He did not he promises he will. But this is a sign of just how seriously president trump. Wants to rebuild the relationship with mosque up most US presidents have come to meetings with Russian or Soviet leaders speaking. For the west speaking for what used to be called the free world with that nations of Europe and many other nations. Out there back having haft in those discussions because it wasn't just the American president. America first sometimes maybe means American alone in that room. Because president trump spent the last several days pushing back against the European Union and other close allies until Geary is clearly both men. Wanting to get on some kind of common terms that they can start work on their agenda which includes Syria. And Ukraine and at nuclear disarmament that's close to president trumps heart. And maybe some more on that list the 2016 election and what. President of own Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats that. United States is under attack now present tense continued Russian cyber attack in American voters in American elections. May be hearing more about that at a joint press counts of both leaders later. One of the reasons Europeans so wearing his Terry mentioned right they're not only that tough NATO meeting last week but also another tweet. From the present over the weekend referred to the European Union as a follow terror. All American covering that for us and that has so many European leaders anxious Tara. That's right towards the European officials like okay this morning. Said they were shocked and outraged it's unheard up for an American president. To compare the EU the European Union to rush and China especially here in the Baltic region they are extremely. Extremely anxious says there's. Russian military operation happy all the time in the see behind me and then lined and they just want to make sure that president trump. Doesn't give any concessions to Russia publicly were privately on Russian aggression in the region the annexation of Crimea. Think he. Their own security as linked to that in Ukraine. And they want to make sure that they can rely on US military and NATO forces to protect them. Take care of thanks said David hear hear when they also in Helsinki want to go back their footage we just saw. The president and present food and there. And given I was struck by that the body language of the two men. As we watch them in his first few minutes right there president trump leaning forward in his seat of very laid back. Vladimir Putin's. Had a taking in everything the president had to say. Yet very different body language for both of them UC president from coast to sit down first and then looks over Vladimir Putin's. Obviously they waited for the handshake. For some time and you've heard and good on the list of the issues that he wants to tackle with Vladimir Putin trade military nuclear power China. He's had a great opportunity to restart this relationship that he treated overnight has been horrible for years blamed the US for that foolishness on the on the part of the US. But Dan Coates and Terry mentioned that he said the US is under attack right now cyber attack he also said the warning lights are blinking red. Is what he said going into this summit and and no mention. From the president at least now of. Meddling going out things publicly right there John called for a summit that not a lot of preparation. On the United States I normally have. A series of meetings that deputies months of preparation by everyone and then asking the bureaucracy this one put together relatively quickly. The president is likely to be coming in much less prepared than Vladimir food. That's the concern that's the concern we've heard double. That's expressed. Egg and some Republicans as well. And it was extraordinary I thought George to listen to the opening comments a lot of diplomatic niceties. Compliments of Vladimir Putin. Not only was there no mention of the election meddling there was no mention of any of the other critical issues we have concerns including Crimea. Interference in Ukraine and and of course Syria. Syria is well they want to get North Korea on the agenda as well located leaders now. In that Presidential Palace in Helsinki for a one on one meeting going to be followed by a working lunch we're gonna covered all day long. But for right now we go back to regular programming. For many view in the East Coast that's Good Morning America. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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{"duration":"12:54","description":"President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met Monday for a summit on neutral ground in Helsinki, Finland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56615255","title":"President Trump, Putin meet in Finland","url":"/GMA/News/video/president-trump-putin-meet-finland-56615255"}