Reaction grows to Trump comments on Mueller, finances

President Trump repeatedly brought up Robert Mueller in an exclusive interview with ABC News and said he "at some point might" turn over his financial statement.
4:54 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Reaction grows to Trump comments on Mueller, finances
Richard not a new reaction this morning Georgia's exclusive interview with president trump George embedding with the president and his team for thirty hours on the campaign trail the president's limo Air Force One the Oval Office. At what he told George about Robert Mueller about his own finances. And there's news this morning on those internal poll numbers the president was not happy with the polls that showed Biden without a significant lead in some key battlegrounds. What's now happened to those pollsters behind the numbers let's get right where senior White House correspondent Suzanne Vega with us on Monday morning good morning soon. Good morning to you let's not forget that other bombshell the president telling George that he would indeed. Except information about his opponent if offered by a foreign government. Like Russia or China this was it unprecedented. Look inside this White House. Over two days ABC news inside the white house with exclusive access. United we know we disagree about that we have a whole they had to go from the moment the president begins his day in network debut season. Britain's they read my two lead to the when he walks to the private residence with the First Lady George right there. Good morning Mr. President. Harry. They can night pretty good good day and the night count how much sleep. Currently the average for fun I was so. Never before seen look inside the life of the 45 president inside the White House and beyond George. We regulate the quality movies is I mean these people selling Hannibal the crying. So huge. Over and over again the president bringing up the Muller reports to refute the reports in new convention. Did you enter yes indeed and you should need to remember them. Also on his mind his re election. And reports saying that internal campaign polls show him trailing behind former vice president Joseph Biden in key battleground states. For instance a Good Morning America today they had that phony polling information explains you list that was phony but you didn't do anything about it you should have. But it was late in the evening and perhaps even get a chance I studied those polls I've heard the explanations. And ultimately it doesn't go lettuce at the so because. It's untrue. Like troops you know I'm actually very nervous that it might do what they were correct. But I wouldn't be complaining at all understand. It's like the which aren't that goes. The tension building as the president discussed his personal finances. When you will see my financial statement at some point I assume it's going to be released he'll be very impressed with the job Lipton you can turn to acknowledge some point I might. But it simpler up they get it because it's safer it's fantastic financial statement. That coffee from his chief of staff to mull Laney. And looks to lead over he's coughing in the middle clients yeah but I don't like that you know remain here cheapest gas getting caught please link below it that's. Over here. You just can't just change super summer. Can you what did you that a little differently than. The last stop the Rose Garden where the president defended his relationship with North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un. I listened to every single day I'm all Americans do especially over these last couple days. Many good that the presser enemy of the people fake news Joseph Biden's a loser low IQ. Get all these worries of pretend John nobody expects a strategy you why why are they getting you never know what I'm but what is that there seems to be a distance there. Thanks I say a lot of nice things about a lot of people that are very soft and nice. And I say good things about lots of people to. As for his legacy of president trump says he still has more to do how do you want to be remembers president as a president that. Love to people. Took care the people. Made our economy tremendous built up our military took care of our vets somebody that really loved the country and did a great job. Whether it's four years or hopefully it's eighteen years because I still have work to do. Somebody that did a really great job for the country. I was really something George also asked president trump if he really believes that President Obama was working to undermine his presidency and David there's a headline. In president trumps answer he said that this quote goes very high up the food chain and that quote I would say President Obama. Had to know about it's good to see we also heard George asset the president tell why the polls bother you so much we heard what the president said that they are untrue he said. I like the truth but there's news this morning on the pollsters themselves behind those internal polls. Yet Davis the campaign is now cutting ties with some of these polls pollsters after these numbers leaked. Numbers remember that president trump said it did not exist this is a shake up David that is coming. Just before the president kicks off his reelection campaign officially happens tomorrow sort. All right Cecilia Vega at the White House this morning synthetics.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"President Trump repeatedly brought up Robert Mueller in an exclusive interview with ABC News and said he \"at some point might\" turn over his financial statement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63757284","title":"Reaction grows to Trump comments on Mueller, finances","url":"/GMA/News/video/reaction-grows-trump-comments-mueller-finances-63757284"}