RNC prepares aggressive plan to discredit Comey

ABC News' Cecilia Vega and Pierre Thomas report on how the White House and Republicans are preparing for the release of the former FBI director's book.
3:18 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for RNC prepares aggressive plan to discredit Comey
Let's Brinn C Vega, our senior white house correspondent and our chief justiceepartment correspondent Pierre Thomas as well and Cecilia, as we said the whituss known ts was coming and braced with a one. Reporter: Yeah, but so far, George, uncharacteristic Sil from tresident him 168. You know he's called Comey leaker and liar in the St. I got to say pressecry Sarah Sanders did just tweet saying that Comey has no credibility. So far though they're leaving the punching to theies outside the white house even though know that the advisers here ins white house have signed off O this response. The C has set up aaroom to go after Comey iesponse to the book. They'vt a N websiteout, lyincomey.com.th hid of T RNC issued a statement andy keootsepe is on a public tour and self-serving attempt te money. They're on this one. WRE thedlines from the book, thele B leaked. And you expeco get a response from the white house. Repor Y know, I would imagine that WER especially from the president or someone inside white house about this aneeut chief of staff Joh Kelly threatening -- telling Comey he intended to it after Comey was fired use he didn't want to, ote, work for dishonorable ople. I'm also really struck by the language that Comey is using T describe the president, he calls his presidency a for . The president him 168 he says ego driven and getseally personal. He talks about president's appearance saying that he appeared shorter in person this line W wow tme. He said he appear- the T appeared Orange from tanning.there is zero love lost ons one. Even made comments about T size his hands. Pierre,ou've known James comeyr a long time. Seems like a man on a mission. Reporter: George, I've been talkinto people close to Comey as we approachhe release of the book andinte they say this is both professional personal for Comey. Comey has come to believe the idis a three to the nation because C believes the president is possibly corrupt and it's personal because Comey bels he was treated Sil fired across the Y in los angel and hearingut it from T media and people telling H president did not even want him toly back to Washington on the FBI plane, George. Comey has som critic, as well. Ah, I S to a critic last N who said the book had an unsee tell-all quality for a FBI director andndicativef Comey's own ego and ire for the spotlight. He is a lightning rod perhapsthe best known and most coroversial FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover. You are reporting from use as well that the president pd to pardon scooteliy as an irony right here. The president and his team accusing James Comey of lying andking as he prepares to pardomeone who is convicted for lying Abo leaking. Reporter: The irony not lost on anyone O that front, of co he was T chief of staff to former vice president Dick Cheney here in bush in connection to leaking that identf CIA officererie plane. He never received a full pardon, George, conservati have long en pushing for this one. Okay, Cecilia, thanks very much. James comey'sew book "A higher loyalty" will be available April 17th. Whate saw earlier was a piece ofr interview but you could see thet of George's full exclusive review wh Comey this sun night, a specialtion of 20" at 10:00 P.M. Eastern. A lot of peopl will tn for that.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"ABC News' Cecilia Vega and Pierre Thomas report on how the White House and Republicans are preparing for the release of the former FBI director's book. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54439364","title":"RNC prepares aggressive plan to discredit Comey ","url":"/GMA/News/video/rnc-prepares-aggressive-plan-discredit-comey-54439364"}