The royal wedding augmented reality experience

If you didn't make the guest list for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, you can still join in some of the fun with the ABC News' AR app.
4:54 | 05/14/18

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Transcript for The royal wedding augmented reality experience
experience the royal wedding magic like never before. Our recently team tried out the new reality feature on the ABC news app. Take a look. Can't make it to the royal wedding in the uk? Well, you can bring a piece of the British royalty into your home. We're introducing augmented reality to our ABC news app. We're going to have some fun with it with this amazing new technology right here this morning. I'm joined by ABC news contributor and "People now's" royal correspondent imogen. We'll take a look at Windsor castle. There it is. Through the magic of augmented reality let's take a step back. Tell us a little about this beautiful carriage. This is a 1902 state Landau used for official and state land events such asoronations and state visit. Folks may recognize the carriage. They may recognize this carriage because this carriage is pretty high profile, right? William and Kate rode in it after their service and 30 years before that William's parents Charles and Diana rode in it for their wedding. Really? Well, before we send this carriage back to London, tell us about the ride that the royal newlyweds will take. As a couple step into the carriage, close family members will gather on the west steps to wave them off on their procession and go through Windsor town returning to Windsor castle along the walk scheduled to take under 25 minutes. That's kind of quick. A little faster than I thought it would take. Now time to send the carriage back off to London. Ari and Meghan will ride in a different one. They'll ride in a different carriage. Someone else will be there, the royal guard. I'm jealous. I want one of those hats. How heavy are they? T really heavy. They stand about a foot and a half tall and said to weigh around 1 1/2 pounds and sometimes the guards have known to pass out. They pass out? I'll go on YouTube and try to find that. Now is the time for something that everybody is wondering about. It is time to bring the bling, everybody. Yes. Excited about this. You should be. A lot of speculation about Meghan's bridal tiara. Generally the tiara is not announced before the wedding. The queen will usually loan one to the bride or commission a new one. There was one exception. The princess of Diana. You are so good. That's right. This is a Spencer tiara and such a throwback worn by principals is Diana when she married prince Charles in 1981. Her sisters also wore it at their weddings. Lady Jane Spencer and lady Sarah Spencer in 1980. It was created from separate pieces of Julie already heirlooms. The ends come from the last vicountess in the late 1700s. Do they think she'll wear the Spencer tiara as a tribute? It's certainly possible. We know how important it is to Harry and her sister lady Jane fellowes will be doing a reading. The one that Kate wore? The Cartier stroll tiara on display in Australia so we know Meghan will not be wearing it. It features 888 diamonds. 739 brilliant cut and 149 baguette cut diamonds. Kate looked so beautiful in this one. Queen Elizabeth received I as a gift from her mother and loaned it out to other Royals including her sister princess Margaret and daughter princess Anne. How many royal tiaras are there? No, it's unknown I think really. Unknown number. Does Meghan have to wear a tiara. There are rumors Meghan will not wear one, I think she will. We are keeping the jewels. We are going to give you something. We're going to give you the vr, the ar we're going to want to you bring carriages and royal guards into your home. How can you do it, download the ABC news app and open the ar experience. That's right, the directions are simple and we can show you how to have your own royal carriage in the driveway. Or you can have royal guards at your kitchen table to make sure your kids eat their dinner. Use your social media posts so we can check it out. Imogen, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"If you didn't make the guest list for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, you can still join in some of the fun with the ABC News' AR app.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55145479","title":"The royal wedding augmented reality experience","url":"/GMA/News/video/royal-wedding-augmented-reality-experience-55145479"}