Sarah Sanders on Trump's reaction to Kavanaugh, Ford

The White House press secretary tells "GMA" what Trump thought of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony and whether he believes she is telling the truth.
4:55 | 09/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarah Sanders on Trump's reaction to Kavanaugh, Ford
Thank you very much. George. Let's bng in Sarah Sanders this ring. Sarah, T joining us and weet aboutudge Kavanaugh's coion. What didou Thi of Dr. Ford's testy? Look,'s testimony like most Americans knelt it V compling. But it alsoked a evidence it didn't have a corroration and I think that's E of the big differences that you saw Een testimony and tos woman a I think it is absolutely awful and horrific, not what she went thugh just6 Y ago also what she had through yesterday an tnk that it is abso disgracefu they the Democrats have used and expld this and I think they frankwe an apology to both Dr. Ford and E kavanaugerday wasreatt of two individuals coming forth out theircases, both compellingut big difference and tt S corrobored by eveone up -- You repeated something jud kanaugh said and it's sy not true. The othe people there, two say Thon't rember what happened. Not that they back upstory.y they don't recall anything like that. You'vead a countless number of peopha knownudge kavah all of his life that have come ard th didn't pp he's been thrgh six separe background investigations and had T calenrs and a nber other thatd up his story andly I think he was incrediblyowerful he's bee unequivocal from day one T did not take pce by him. The president used the same phrase that judge Kavanaugh used, search and doy missionby themocrats. So does T presidentelieve at judgeord was part O search desoymission. I think the Democrats part O search and destroy mission. I think they been the waythey an apology. The fact I could have done in a way thatcl destroy Bo of them. I tnk it is awful wr. Ford had to go through equally awful what judge Kavanaugh his Famy hav had to G though. It could have been done FFD I think it' that "Yrday." One Wayt have been differently if theas an FBI investigation afterhe allegation forward as there was an FBI investigation th. Wee seen the aba is saying could be the weve, why not do that? Look, judge Kavanaugh has been touck investigations. He's B -- But not these allegations came ard.t since the allegations came forward. Allegations took place before any of Tse backgrnd- wouldave taken place. Look, I've beenough one O E before,george. You know how the process rk they go yourghbors and talk to yourlassmates from hischool, D. -Workers tt lead U to your present day and a N during one of the S separate mes H that done has thing ce at the same time you saw yesterday a question answer session which would be ve similar tot the FBI WOU couct and we know they W comelusion. There is a process. Place yesterda unfoately it took place in front of all O amecanstead of behind closedoors a put these individualshr something they didn't have to do. I find itygeous and intesting that Democrats and want to empowerwomen, the with exploitedr. Ford for thein politic purposes absolutely diraceful and I tnk owe her an ol fs not for an apology from the mocrats, I ha sa I understand she's not B stlhe owe her an apology and O to jud kanash ask they keep this confidential I thin that WHA has taken sotal sham graham cold it yesterday andinly aeewi he on that front. This time it'sime for us, now te for T senate to step up and put a vote floor. President have the te Sorry? Oes T preside have the votes? I cta hopso a I certainly think so and think that we have to move in this process and judge kavanau deserves a vote andt's where we are, the has gone fully thrgh and the senate needs toome togetr need quickly and put a vote to floor. Arah nders, thanksor your time this morning. Thank U, George.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The White House press secretary tells \"GMA\" what Trump thought of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony and whether he believes she is telling the truth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58144481","title":"Sarah Sanders on Trump's reaction to Kavanaugh, Ford","url":"/GMA/News/video/sarah-sanders-trumps-reaction-kavanaugh-ford-58144481"}