Several states under threat of damaging thunderstorms

A major storm may bring ice, snow and tornado threats extending from Central U.S. to the Northeast.
2:55 | 01/11/20

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Transcript for Several states under threat of damaging thunderstorms
the show, the severe weather. Overnight, heavy snow and rain falling and look at this. Damage from a potential tornado. This is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have team usa coverage this morning and we'll start with Kaylee Hartung who is in oil city, Louisiana. Kaylee? Reporter: Good morning, Dan. It was a difficult night here for first responders after this massive tree came crashing down on this home, deputies found a man trapped inside. But despite their desperate attempts to save him, there was nothing they could do. Overnight powerful storms and tornadoes tearing across parts of the country. Responsible for at least one death. In Louisiana a tree toppling over, slamming into a home, killing one person inside. Just outside Tulsa, damaging winds from a possible tornado leaving this home in shreds ripping the roof off and snapping trees in half. Sirens ringing out in Texas as powerful storms there also bring tornadoes. In Houston, strong winds destroying this gas station and bringing down its canopy. Also in Texas, this semi was flipped over after a possible tornado passed through. This storm system also creating dangerous flooding conditions. In Dallas, a driver was reportedly killed. Their car overturned in a creek. And take a look at this dash cam video capturing the heart-stopping moments this driver loses control slamming right into this highway divider. Watch again, the wheel of the car popping off the rim narrowly missing another driver. This deadly scene is a tragic example of just how unpredictable these storms can be. You see the roots of this tree here. The size of the tree is jaw dropping as it split the front of this house off. These storms unpredictable and more ahead today. Eva? Thinking of all those people there. Rob is in New Orleans tracking these severe storms. Good morning to you, rob. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. That line of storms is heading this way. We've had 120 reports of severe weather and tornadoes now across three states. Here is some of the damage east of where Kaylee is, just east of Shreveport where a reported tornado tore up this car and the roof of this home. Again, this damaging line is moving east. On the northern side is the ice this is Mcpherson, Kansas, where a quarter inch of freezing rain is the issue and that will be a big call as we go through the next 24 hours. Here are all the alerts -- winter storm warnings, we've got severe weather alerts and this all stretches up in towards the northeast and this line is moving east now through Lafayette, Louisiana, across into Memphis and getting towards Nashville, a large line of severe thunderstorms that are warned heading this direction with a streaming low level jet which means any one of these thunderstorms could turn into tornados here in the next 24 hours.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A major storm may bring ice, snow and tornado threats extending from Central U.S. to the Northeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68213849","title":"Several states under threat of damaging thunderstorms","url":"/GMA/News/video/states-threat-damaging-thunderstorms-68213849"}