Stew Leonard's Supermarket CEO talks food shortage prevention

Stew Leonard Jr. talks to "GMA" about the current state of the food supply chain and explains what consumers can expect in the next few months as workers have become infected.
3:51 | 04/29/20

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Transcript for Stew Leonard's Supermarket CEO talks food shortage prevention
We're gonna bring in Stew Leonard junior to president. And CEO Stew Leonard's supermarket to mr. Leonard thank you so much for joining us this morning. We're getting it right do it. At Baylor and like good morning and that peace we heard the chairman Tyson say that the food supply chain is breaking what are you seen in your stores. You know wishing it slowly down a little bit but we don't see it breaking and I would just urge everybody doing not Arabic program that's. I've spoken to our ranchers out in Dodge City. Yet remove your thumb from the yet said Ed you know I've dog who are are wide stock rowers. Bought in they said they have. Word of cattle you lives. I look to the knee expecting went to Dodge City at Liberal, Kansas. And they said look there's been about a 33%. Reduction in our production bats and because they're better do three things one of rumors like. You just mentioned. At the space the workers who aren't so they retool. The second thing the virus has I don't like get out the roast the Bloomberg. And the third thing is dead date video really want to keep the work environment safe right now. And dubbed their got to give. There are there employees breakers. Staggered a lot of hours but also seven tempers are the people don't want to go to work. Give me got out of fear of of the virus and if it more than 6000. Have been infected with the virus that these plants in the president signed order. That aim to prevent the sort of flew sorties with some critics say that would reduce production there's still enough food Althea for everybody so. You think making these workers come in if they good idea that they put them more at at serious risk. What well you know Michael Stew Leonard's. By the way OP doesn't show up but will number of stores and write their view. But. Riddick we gotta get judge got a couple steak they'll actually loop but. But you know it's real challenged the day we get team members arts who murdered three of 3000 people were immense number of birds. And we offer everybody a thirty day sabbatical mints are paid. But if they wanna go to Brazil or Italy or France abyss that they are clearly taken do regret over a hundred people think they would do that right. So. You're seeing a reduction in the workers at the store you know for number of reasons but what little does a lot of people. Don't wanna be out the public right now and I do understand that appreciate. Appreciate that so that's a sect the geek speak live salt. What a lot of people got to look at this piece the gonna see the offended and arrested a grocery store they're gonna. By as much media they can't go to the broad in the freezer is that necessary look at the consumer and expected the next few months will you be a big hit. Items like hot dogs hamburgers and other things that you like. Well you know personal vault I think it depends on the Reid bill. Fortunately Stew Leonard's do we have a lot of the only small people who you know everybody did think bites. So what we have a lot of small pork producers in Pennsylvania new York. And beat produce herds. And another for Angela restaurants close the New York. We've been able get a lot of product from the restaurant business. That's got me on the supermarket shelves. I've actually in the Bill White though everybody's. Saying it be you should panic but I don't think it should be. If you want to till little work of Joseph bite at the spores they're like some word. You're just sort of birth and gave them so we're repaired through but I don't think there's any reason to be an accurate. Momentum and we appreciate your time I gotta take you come check out some of those states it into the history. I got it all set out hope that our road Beth biggest -- his workers there who are on the front lines begin to that we all have the food that we need.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Stew Leonard Jr. talks to \"GMA\" about the current state of the food supply chain and explains what consumers can expect in the next few months as workers have become infected.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70402060","title":"Stew Leonard's Supermarket CEO talks food shortage prevention","url":"/GMA/News/video/stew-leonards-supermarket-ceo-talks-food-shortage-prevention-70402060"}