Student injured after backpack got stuck in school bus door

The driver has been charged with reckless driving.
1:56 | 10/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Student injured after backpack got stuck in school bus door
A school bus driver facing charges this morning after police say she ran over one of the students she was taking home. The student is coming out to describe what happened as his mother is accusing the driver of negligence. Trevor Ault is here with more. Trevor, good morning. Dan, good morning to you. This was a brush with death for a North Carolina boy. He was steps away from home and he gets dragged and run over by the school bus that he was just riding. Reporter: This morning a North Carolina mother furious after her son's harrowing after school accident. I don't send my son to school on the bus to get hurt. Reporter: 12-year-old Zion baker stepped off the bus and ended up underneath it. He could have died. Reporter: The bus driver allegedly closing the door on Zion's back back. Dragging him for ten feet and then running him over with the tire. There were tire marks on my arm. My veins were all red. Reporter: In 2015 this 6-year-old was dragged for nearly a mile by her bus, her clothes and shoes shredded. Her shoe and her sock were damaged. Her foot didn't have a scratch on it. I was completely shocked. Reporter: This 7-year-old in Kentucky getting her backpack stuck in the door, dragged screaming down the street. The driver unaware. People were yelling, try to hit the bus. Reporter: The bus only stopped after that red Camaro chased the driver down. A bus driver is supposed to make sure all her kids are safe. Reporter: Zion's mother thinks this was an accident, but alleged the driver was negligent. You can't tell me you thought my kid was safe. Reporter: The bus driver has been charged with careless and reckless driving. Zion was taken to the hospital, he was released. He's lucky to be lived. It's incredible the driver didn't notice this was happening. In so many instances you don't understand how they happened. Absolutely.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"The driver has been charged with reckless driving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66092721","title":"Student injured after backpack got stuck in school bus door","url":"/GMA/News/video/student-injured-backpack-stuck-school-bus-door-66092721"}