Sunken boats in Arizona's Lake Powell emerge due to megadrought

Rising temperatures in the region are shrinking some of the most important reservoirs in the U.S.
3:39 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for Sunken boats in Arizona's Lake Powell emerge due to megadrought
Now with a look at the crisis Lake Powell where mega droughts is shrinking some of our nation's most important reservoirs ginger. As we've said it's been there for us all morning long good morning again ginger. Good morning Robin you know I had not bend to Lake Powell also cited no better and maybe what a mess that we're in eight decades long mega drought but not you can't miss it because shipwrecks like this are showing up at least a half dozen already here on Lake Powell. And they are mysteries like who own them when they sink we don't know that but it's no mystery with how we got here. As far as the drought goes this break that services thirty million people with water. Is going down and it's projected to be at its lowest level since the lake with created in the 1960s. Lake Powell. A listening releases in the extreme desert heat. Lined by other worldly rock formations it's on the man made lake that brings water to thirty million people. And it's down big tax to 34% capacity as the water drops history. Is being busy. Sure enough. Get old people. Both were lost in last. Decade and beyond it now perched on stony beaches than they used to be the lake's bottom 100 at a wet slit so a lot of folks here. From one of the still working diamond and get some setbacks we embark on five hour tour. That's right there isn't any damn well that trying to stand trial on ramp maps. Used to have water. Coming years ago the city here's a headliner now and then feeling update. We have pretty significant forty to fifty feet probably. And it's not over the lake is projected to drop to the lowest level never since it was filled in the 1960s. You don't need water gauges you don't need data to see and it's right here this is a muscle covered shipwreck that's been downturn won't know. How long what we're seeing. V trend and it's a trend which is not a good trend that's less water available for the south plans. And end impacts us all. The problem drinking water availability. To irritation and prosecute packs many parts of our lives. If we can't get our arms around. It's a problem next in the sandstone. CNN gorgeous discoloration. On the leather wrapped the different players tell feel good story about time. And about how much water has spent here at different points the highest levels and that even read up next the letter would have been up there in the 1980s or 1990. But the story now it helped moment. Robert and captain Jim taking us to lose Max and big spot. He came up here all last series tremendous honor president the last probably nine years and yet here. And and you and accidentally drive undervote and it isn't all. An arch now above the Aqua marine waters. It's as if one of those shipwrecks left behind a treasured. Tourism is critical here at Lake Powell wants you to know they are still doing it please come because they're adapting the lower marinas to be sure you have access to the water. But I want to take a way to things when. You used water you're impacting everybody including Robert ages sought and that peace including meat right so we have to conserve water and number two there is a climate change connection. Essentially half of the mega droughts can be attributed to warming temperatures. And experts in the climate rounds say that we're not gonna see that change in the next century. And this monsoon season looking below average but that's the big picture.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Rising temperatures in the region are shrinking some of the most important reservoirs in the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78284586","title":"Sunken boats in Arizona's Lake Powell emerge due to megadrought","url":"/GMA/News/video/sunken-boats-arizonas-lake-powell-emerge-due-megadrought-78284586"}