Teen describes surviving great white shark bite

Keane Webre-Hayes speaks on "GMA" in his first live interview about his recovery after being bitten by an 11-foot shark off the coast of California.
6:05 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Teen describes surviving great white shark bite
We are back with that ABC news exclusive. The San Diego teenager who survived the shark attack is here for his first live interview after being bitten by an 11-foot great white. We'll talk to him in a moment but Amy is here with more on what he's gone through. Good morning. We can all say for sure it is a miracle that he is alive after being attacked while lobster diving with his friend. A day at the beach turned into a terrifying ordeal for 13-year-old keen Hayes. I heard a primal scream like you've never heard a scream before in your life. Reporter: Evers looking for lobsters when out of the blue an 11-foot long great white shark appears and attacks. He ripped himself from the predator's jaws struggling to the safety of a nearby kayak. Video captured the intense moments rescuers dragged him to shore strapped to a kayak and bleeding badly. Keane clinging to life. I looked back and a shark was behind the kayak. Reporter: A helicopter airlifting him to a nearby hospital where he underwent five hours of surgery. Doctors using roughly a thousand stitches to repair the damage to his body. Now, Keane was diving for lobsters in water that was about nine feet deep which may seem shallow but not uncommon at all to see sharks in that depth. Not un-mon, Michael, but I'm still sure very shocking for Keane. Yeah, very shocking for Keane and we're joined now by Keane and his mother Ellie here for their first live interview and thank you for joining us. You're an incredible and strong young man. You lost half the blood in your body and had a thousand stitches. How are you feeling right now. I'm feeling great. Just good to be here and it's just recovery right now. And what do you remember from the attack? Can you take us through those moments. I remember everything from when I got into the water to when they knocked me out for surgery so I'm going into the water and my buddy is kind of behind me so we start paddling out a little bit and stop at a couple rocks and we don't really get anything and then we stop at this one rock that we know will have lobsters so I dive down and trying to get this one lobster. I don't get it so I come back up and then I kind of look around to kind of take in the view because the sun was starting to rise and I noticed a kayak out there, so I dive down and then I don't get the lobster sadly, but as I'm coming up I feel something just tackle me and it took my mask off and I don't -- at first -- I thought it was Noah trying to necessary with me and trying to scare me because then I come up and my mask is off. I'm all confused and a look over. My wet suit is all ripped up and blood is starting to go into the water and I look over and I see Noah's snorkel still in the water so I know it wasn't Noah. And then just by instinct I just started swimming to that kayak as fast as I can and I'm screaming for help, help, help, shark or, yeah, then I swim to the kayak. I pull myself on and I told the guy we have to get to shore. And in a lot of ways you saved yourself. Yeah. You've been in that area before. Had you seen sharks there before. No, that was my first time. Beacons. I know you were there but you were on the beach and at what point did you know that something happened to Keane. Well, I was actually on a cliff above the beach and I was on the phone with my husband and the sun was coming up and it was kind of an eerie feeling out there. It's super quiet and I was on the phone and in the background I started hearing probably just the worst screams I've ever heard in my life and I told my husband, I said, can you hold on a second. Hold on a second. There's swung screaming and I stopped to listen and I couldn't tell if it was Keane or someone else and my husband actually said to me at that time, he said, oh, it's probably just Keane getting eaten by a shark and I, of course, it was -- he was joking because the chances of it really happening and it was just a few minutes later that I heard the bellowing yells of the men yelling shark, get out of the water and I just bolted for the beach to find him. I didn't think it was Keane but I just wanted to make sure Keane was okay. I had no idea that he would be the one that was bitten by the shark. I got to say your recovery has been just amazing. You're back in school part time. And, Ellie, what has the recovery process been like for Keane from your side of this. It's been a lot of work. Changing for sure is a constant bandage changing, just getting through all the doctors, trauma therapy, orthopedic surgeons, infectious disease, O.T., you know, I mean, it's just -- it's really rocked our life as we know it. We're getting the new Normal. You were just worried about him dating now you got to worry about all that stuff as well. The silver lining there's been so much support. You had a chance to go to game four of the world series and met Clayton Kershaw who is a great guy and what do you want to say to all those people who reach out and offer support. It's been amazing. I never knew that it would be overflowing the way it is. This is one of the most tragic things that our family has gone through. We're happy Keane is alive but we have a long road ahead on -- we're excited we have a go fund me that's helped me with the medical bills we weren't prepared for and the outpouring of our community and, you know, just really close friends and family. We felt very enveloped in love through all of this. And here's the big question, are you going lobster diving again. Definitely. All right, my man. We're happy you're here. Thank you for being here. We're so happy you're doing well, Keane. Hopefully we'll see you soon.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"Keane Webre-Hayes speaks on \"GMA\" in his first live interview about his recovery after being bitten by an 11-foot shark off the coast of California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59052904","title":"Teen describes surviving great white shark bite","url":"/GMA/News/video/teen-describes-surviving-great-white-shark-bite-59052904"}