Teen impaled in arm by beach umbrella prompts safety warning

A 13-year-old boy is recovering after he was pierced in the arm at a Massachusetts beach.
3:36 | 08/12/19

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Transcript for Teen impaled in arm by beach umbrella prompts safety warning
Back now on a Monday morning with that frightening incident at the beach. A 13-year-old hit by a flying umbrella in Massachusetts, struck in the arm. Will reeve is at rockaway beach and I know you have a warning how to keep us safe. Reporter: This is the last it incident. It sounds surreal, umbrellas turning into flying projectiles but the reality exists on any beach on any day but there are simple ways you can stay prepared and safe. They need somebody to go to good harbor beach. We have somebody impaled with an umbrella. Reporter: This morning a 13-year-old boy is recovering after being pierced in the arm by a flying umbrella at a Massachusetts beach. Impaled by a flying umbrella. Sounds like an injury to the left arm. The kid was just walking along and all of a sudden the umbrella just stabbed him. Reporter: Witnesses say he immediately fell to the ground. Bystanders including a nurse who happened to be nearby rushing to his side to stop the bleeding. I was trying to talk to the kid and a couple people were trying to call the paramedics. He was just yelling how it hurt. Reporter: Emergency response teams racing him to the hospital. When we heard it come over the radio, it was -- we kind of did a double take. Reporter: According to the U.S. Consumer product safety commission, improperly installed beach umbrellas have sent more than 30,000 people to the hospitals across the U.S. Over the last decade. No one's calling for a ban on beach umbrellas, but something is wrong when any consumer product can so easily take off and kill someone. Reporter: There's more and more footage of umbrellas reeking havoc, like this close call earlier this year, a gust of wind launching an umbrella into the air, narrowly missing a toddler. In 2015 a bystander capturing this wild scene, winds whipping umbrellas across a Maryland beach. Last summer in New Jersey a 67-year-old woman was pierced in the ankle by a flying umbrella. Could we have fire to the woman with an umbrella? They need something to cut it. Reporter: And Lynn Stevens says she was struck while at a beach in Maryland. The wind picked it straight up in the air and shot it right back down and it went right into my thigh. Reporter: Experts say the problem starts when beachgoers don't properly secure their umbrellas. By the time they realize something's wrong, it's too late. To truly secure an umbrella in the sand, experts say it needs to be buried a minimum of 16 inches down. You can either use a shovel to dig the hole deep enough, or once you drive the stake into the sand, rock it both and forth. This typically gets it deeper into the sand. Reporter: The Massachusetts teen was released from the hospital but these events have been fatal in the past. There are many ways to secure your umbrella. There are sand bags. There are umbrellas that actually have bags built into them. There are metal anchors but you heard in the piece, 16 inches is the minimum depth of your hole so we dug one of those holes. We're going to measure it out. That's a good 16 inches in there. Then you've got your umbrella. You cover it up with the sand and you enjoy a day at the beach. Personally on a day like today, I'd keep the umbrella down and get that tan, guys. Yeah, that's you, will. Thank you. I was telling you guys that years ago in Florida, you think it's secure and the wind shifted directions and the umbrella went up and -- Fast. It happens like that. Happens like that. Be safe out there. 16 inches is a loto dig. It is. The bag was a good idea too I thought. Better to be safe than sorry. Absolutely. I don't think will's coming back. I think he's staying on the beach for the week. He's looking for another assignment that keeps him on the

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"A 13-year-old boy is recovering after he was pierced in the arm at a Massachusetts beach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64921092","title":"Teen impaled in arm by beach umbrella prompts safety warning","url":"/GMA/News/video/teen-impaled-arm-beach-umbrella-prompts-safety-warning-64921092"}