Texas hits daily high for new coronavirus cases

Houston Methodist Hospital CEO Dr. Marc Boom describes the situation on the ground as hospital admissions in Houston have tripled since Memorial Day.
2:54 | 06/24/20

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Transcript for Texas hits daily high for new coronavirus cases
and those people filling up the icu wars here. Let's bring in Dr. Marc boom. Dr. Boom, thanks for joining us. We've seen hospital admissions in Houston triple since memorial day. Are you at the tipping point? No, we're not at a tipping point. We have seen hospitalizations triple across the board, across all hospitals, our hospital system has seen that as well. We are able to care for the patients who are coming to us but, of course, we're concerned with the trend lines we're seeing and it's critically important that the citizens of Houston really all rally together to do all of the right things so we can contain the spread of this virus and the increases we're seeing. What kind of cases are you seeing? You know, that's a bit of better news but, of course, it's still a larger number so we have to be concerned but we're seeing younger patients, you know, younger patients we know have done a little better throughout the course of this by at least an average age of about 5 years plus that we're seeing younger the result is we're seeing lower lengths of stay which allows us to care for more patients and handle higher volume and seeing a much lower proportion of icu beds needed. So even though we're way above the peak we're not even at the peak of icu beds in our system. Now, that's encouraging as well and consequently seeing less ventilator usages, less death and that's all obviously good news. We're watching that carefully and want to make sure that's not just an issue of being an indicator but it looks to be a real phenomenon. How do you explain the surge? Well, I think what's happened and watching it around our community people have completely let their guard down. Honestly as a health care professional and physician myself it's frustrating because we've all been saying for a long, long time we know how to conquer this virus. It is through all of those best practices of social distancing and all of the other thupgs we talk about, wearing a mask, et cetera, and somewhere around memorial day people just sort of sighed a breath of relief and said, hey, I'm going to ago like it's summer and we're paying the price for that now so the flip side of that is the answer then we have to go back to the best practices that we have. We've taken care of tens of thousands of patients that don't have covid. We've had thousands and thousands and thousands of employees coming to work every day for months now and they're safe and we know we can stay safe with the right practices in place. So if people do social distancing, you don't need lockdowns? I think we can avoid lockdown if people do social distancing appropriately. I mean, as I said we've done that for months across the hospital system. That tells me we can do that in most walks of life. But we're not doing that. Uniformly certainly. Many are doing it, but clearly not enough and I think we can stop this. I'm hopeful we can do that if everybody rallies around together and focuses on how to do those things together. Dr. Boom, thank you for your time this morning. My pleasure. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Houston Methodist Hospital CEO Dr. Marc Boom describes the situation on the ground as hospital admissions in Houston have tripled since Memorial Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71423301","title":"Texas hits daily high for new coronavirus cases","url":"/GMA/News/video/texas-hits-daily-high-coronavirus-cases-71423301"}