Texas House approves controversial voting bill

The White House said President Joe Biden believes these changes will make it harder to vote, not easier.
1:37 | 05/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas House approves controversial voting bill
We move onto a new controversial voting bill in Texas. Some are calling it restrictive. It's now one step closer to becoming law. ABC's faith abubey has more from Washington. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, whit. This bill has sparked so much controversy. The white house is weighing in saying, president Biden believes these bills are making it harder for people to vote, not easier. The Texas house republican-controlled is looking at this bill, advanced this bill after hours and hours of debate on the house floor. The bill is now headed to the republican-controlled state senate where more changes can be made before final approval. As it stands now, among other things, there will be changes to this bill that would prohibit state officials from mass mailing unsolicited ballot applications to voters, and it could also penalize voter assistance at the ballot box. This means Texas is now one step closer to joining nine other republican-controlled states that have enacted similar laws. We're talking Georgia and of course, this week in Florida as well. Republicans say that these changes are meant to secure the votes, and also instill confidence in the results. However, it's worth noting that these changes were happening on the heels of the 2020 elections, and while president trump -- former president trump is still insisting that falsely that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 elections, bottom line, nonpartisan analysts who have looked at these bills, studied these details believe it will, in fact, create barriers for marginalized and disenfranchised communities. Like blacks and minorities trying to vote. Faith, thank you so much for your reporting this morning.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"The White House said President Joe Biden believes these changes will make it harder to vote, not easier. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77573622","title":"Texas House approves controversial voting bill","url":"/GMA/News/video/texas-house-approves-controversial-voting-bill-77573622"}