Tornadoes leave trail of destruction in Texas

The twisters hit the northern part of the state, knocking down power lines, uprooting trees and destroying businesses and homes.
3:16 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Tornadoes leave trail of destruction in Texas
Take a look at what happened in Dallas overnight. Hit so hardably that tornado touching down. Homes and businesses demolished and from Illinois to Texas they are bracing for another possible tornado threat this morning. Marcus Moore is in Texas for us this morning. Good morning, Marcus. Reporter: Well, robin, good morning. It was a rough one here. You can see what this powerful storm did to this van. Several thousand pounds left tossed around. There are trees that have been snapped here and the roof of that home just behind us, the roof torn away and this morning, more than 160,000 customers are without power. We have a tornado. Reporter: Overnight tornadoes striking north Texas. Oh, my god. This is a tornado touching down right now. Upward motion, strong upward motion. Lots of debris flying. Reporter: The twisters destroying homes and businesses tearing apart everything in their path. I mean it's really a war I don't know a better way to call it. I got in my bathtub and put pillows and a mattress over me and held on. Reporter: Massive trees uprooted. Multiple reports of people hurt in their homes from broken glass. They got trapped people inside. I think they've got multiple victims here. Reporter: A possible tornado flattening this Home Depot. Residents forced into the streets checking on their neighbors and calling loved ones. We've had tornado warnings all around us. This is the first one that I've ever seen hit in Dallas. Reporter: The cars in the shopping center wrecked and tossed around this. Video showing the aftermath of one of the twisters on a popular highway in Dallas. Debris and this jackknifed truck blocking lanes. The owner of the video tells us what it was like to witness that terrifying twister. I tweeted and it was like I think I just almost drove into a tornado. I froze because there was nowhere I could go. Reporter: Several schools have canceled classes today because of the damage and also the power outages and they have been ai believe to clear some of the roadway, robin, but the cleanup really hasn't even begun yet. We're thinking of everybody down that way. Thank you so much. Let's bring in ginger who is tracking where that storm is headed next. Good morning, ginger. Good morning to you, robin. The threat is now for a few you can he have the long line of storms from Illinois right through Memphis down into Louisiana. So it's this morning. Often we talk about severe storms in the afternoon. This is the second severe storm season that kind of happens and moves into Dixie alley in the fall, early winter and it's happening this morning. Tornado warnings have been popping even north of Memphis but I want to focus on the state of Mississippi because you are going to see late morning that line of severe storms come through and some specific things happening even into the western panhandle of Florida. But, again, Mississippi, the whole state in the severe risk today so thought we would focus on it. The whole state turns yellow because you're in the convection. What does that mean? In the next couple of hours you will end up seeing the potential for this not only damaging winds you see in the line but isolated tornadoes so know this. Late morning into the early afternoon, the state of Mississippi including green wind which is in a severe thunderstorm watch right now has the possibility of seeing these severe storms. I don't know if I made that clear. I want to make sure everybody knows, George. We go to Washington where the white house is in cleanup

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"The twisters hit the northern part of the state, knocking down power lines, uprooting trees and destroying businesses and homes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66414577","title":"Tornadoes leave trail of destruction in Texas","url":"/GMA/News/video/tornadoes-leave-trail-destruction-texas-66414577"}