Trump to deliver State of the Union address before impeachment verdict

It’s a busy week in politics with closing arguments in President Donald Trump’s impeachment case, his State of the Union address and the impeachment verdict.
5:19 | 02/02/20

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Transcript for Trump to deliver State of the Union address before impeachment verdict
on ABC. Closing arguments in president trump's impeachment case will be held Monday with a vote on the verdict expected Wednesday. In between the president delivers his state of union address. A lot on the agenda this week. David Wright is covering the president in west palm beach, Florida. Good morning to you, David. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. This will be the president's third time addressing a joint session of congress but his first since impeachment. Administration officials say he'll stress relentless optimism but they won't say whether he'll acknowledge impeachment at all. At rallies he's not shy about doing that. It's a little bit different in the formality of that chamber, Nancy Pelosi standing behind him and in the audience one hundred people will be voting the very next day on the verdict. David, this is a process that has tested the separation of powers and representatives of all three branches of government will be there in the room, is there an opportunity to heal the wounds of this process? Reporter: Maybe. But it depends on how they deal with the elephant in the room. Impeachment is going to be tough to ignore but also awkward to acknowledge. A real test of decourtroom on all sides. Remember last year, speaker Pelosi seemed to troll president trump with exaggerated applause and on Friday night, senator Ted Cruz in the senate chamber mimicked that gesture. Trump is not the first U.S. President to deliver a state of the union in the midst of back in '99, Bill Clinton spoke for 77 minutes, he didn't mention impeachment once. Well, we'll see if president trump follows that example. Eva. All right, David Wright for us this morning. Thank you. For more on all of this let's bring in our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos who will be hosting "This week" later this morning. Let's start with Iowa, do you have a sense of who's likely to come out on top? Or just a jump ball all the way around? It's a complete fool's errand to predict the Iowa caucus. They surprise almost every time. Coming into tomorrow night, the pack is pretty tightly bunched. Those top four -- Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Pete buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren -- have been pretty well packed the entire process. So, it's really, really hard to read. Generally, they say, you get three tickets out of Iowa. I think this time around you'll have four tickets outover Iowa. Let's talk about the state of the union, what will happen the next day, is this -- I would imagine this both an opportunity for the president also a little bit of a tricky moment. Biggest opportunity of the year, he has an unparalleled audience for as much time as he wants to take on Tuesday night. One of the biggest questions is, how does he deal with impeachment, and I think it's pretty unlikely to imagine that he'll go through the whole speech without mentioning it or alluding to it in any way. That would be a surprise. If he did. Second thing to watch for, since this will be coming off the Iowa caucuses on Monday night, how does he address that? Remember last year's state of the union, he took on the idea of Democrats being socialists, that's a clear shot at Bernie Sanders. If Bernie does well on Monday night, will we see that again from the president? Two big things to watch for. We'll be speaking before the vote on Wednesday, when the senators are expected to acquit him on these charges that have been brought up in the impeachment process. Assuming that he's acquitted, what kind of impact do you think that will have on his governing style and his campaign style? That's a big, big question. Let's see if he talks about on Tuesday night. Number two, in the past when the president's kind of escaped an issue he's doubled down, remember just the day after the Mueller testimony back in July of 2019 was the day he made that phone call to the Ukrainian president. He may feel completely vindicated an unleashed in the wake of this. On the other hand, this story isn't over. We're still waiting to hear from John Bolton. We found out late Friday night, midnight, that the justice department was holding back 24 e-mails that indicated the president's thinking on this matter. You can bet the Democrats are going to make an issue of this going into the election. What kind of impact that will have uncertain. The president's not escaped this issue and one final point on that, the southern district of New York is still investigating his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, for his involvement in this matter. A lot of shoes potentially to drop from this centipede. George, thank you very much. Thank you. Good luck this week. A sense of how busy his week, big show this morning. One-on-one with presidential candidates Pete buttigieg and Andrew yang. Plus the powerhouse roundtable and the latest on the 2020 race. Coming up later this morning on ABC on "This week." A reminder, George will lead our live coverage of the senate impeachment trial 11:00 A.M. Monday morning. One other reminder, we had exciting news regarding ABC news, with today's extraordinary news cycle, the new ABC news live streaming channel, everywhere, breaking news and analysis, digging deeper, ABC news live launches tomorrow night. George, thanks again.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"It’s a busy week in politics with closing arguments in President Donald Trump’s impeachment case, his State of the Union address and the impeachment verdict.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68706158","title":"Trump to deliver State of the Union address before impeachment verdict","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-deliver-state-union-address-impeachment-verdict-68706158"}