Trump takes on Amazon

The president claimed that Amazon's shipping practices have negatively impacted retailers and the U.S. Postal Service.
5:30 | 04/01/18

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Transcript for Trump takes on Amazon
Out of politics and the president escalating his fight with the online retail behemoth. Amazon and trumped called in the that out on Twitter as well as the Washington Post which of course is the newspaper owned by Amazon CEO Jeff base oust the president. He is spending his holiday weekend in West Palm Beach which is where we find our White House correspondent tear apart Mary Karen good morning to you. Good morning again Paula that's right despite the president's tough talk on Amazon he can't paint frequently use the surface to buy office supplies. According to federal election records they made hundreds of practice says. President trump in Florida for relaxing golf weekend but he can't seem to get Amazon off his mind. Lashing out at the company's billionaire founder Jeff baze owes. Falsely accusing him of ripping off the US Postal Service tweeting the US post office will lose a dollar fifty on average for each package it delivers for Amazon. That amounts to billions of dollars. While it's true that the online retail giant qualifies for a special bulk great pity chips and millions of packages that influx of business helps the struggling post office. The president also falsely accusing days those abusing the Washington Post which carry their owns the lobby for Amazon tweeting that they should register as lobbyists. To line he's used before. The owner of the Washington Post you know what he owns. Amazon. You know how little tax Amazon. So he uses the Washington Post to protect app is art from taxes. Amazon paid 957. Million dollars in US taxes last year there revenue nearly 178. Billion. And the post at that the paper operates independently of the retail giant meanwhile the president taking aim on another front. Pushing back on a leader he previously said he wanted to get along with you respect whom I do respect immediate why. Well I respect a lot of people. Weekend sixteen Russian diplomats expelled from the US by the truck administration. Made their way home. That move. Aligning Tripplett allies after Russia was accused of poisoning a former Russian spy and his daughter did bring a friend of the president ABC contributor Chris runny orders. Said this is just trump style. They think it's very typical of Donald Trump where he's offering and his rhetoric and opportunity for prudent come along but at the same time. Carrying a big stick. This weekend not without some drama it kick a look at that. This sign at the trump international golf course down here vandalized spattered with red paint that looks like blood. Local police here referring are questions the Secret Service dance Paula. Right Tara Palmer reporting from for this morning want to bring an ABC news chief anchor George Stephanopoulos is going to be hosting this week ultimately this my George good morning good morning happy Easter Sunday TO action meisters next week. Let's try this or that I guess at who just wanted to get an advantage ahead of the Afghan top of the story and to see the president's fight with Amazon a wine now what is this a winning strata. It looked pens and it was with a strategy is I'm not sure there is a strategy to this or here's a here's what we now. We know that Amazon doesn't affect pay taxes in more than 45 states we know that Amazon act he's profitable. To the post office it doesn't cost the post office when is he for the U put the facts on the table we also know that after the president's first attack. In this week his administration came and said listen we're not planning any action against Amazon whatsoever so it's not clear. With the end game is what do what else we know we know the president doesn't like Jeff pays us the owner love Amazon because he also bought the Washington Post which often has critical reporting. Of the White House if he thinks this is gonna get the Washington Post to go easier on him at the. He's mistaken well we ask you about a story in the Washington Post on budget pays us today hey here's the headline. Tired of the weight gain White House stabilizers gone trump calling his own shots reference to the fact that he's fired a lot of people were said to be stabilizing influence influences on him. The paper describes a president's mood is quote increasingly defiant. If that description is true what do you think the consequences are for policy over how we handle if I think we saw playoff. This week I think it is true first of all I think for right now the president is pretty happy with it and and what he's getting in can also take some comfort in the fact his approval ratings have gone up a bit. Twelve over the last couple weeks we saw it literally fired. David schalken of the music again another firing my tween appoint his personal physician Friday Jackson to replace him to try and replace him right there we saw I'm go freelance. I'm policy in that speech in Ohio. On Thursday were the for the first time he announced he was pulling at a Syria despite hand the recommendations of all of his military and national security. Advisors as for Russia itself this is where it may be most critical the president has lost just about all of his legal team. Did the legal team that is still in place. Right now doesn't have a lot of experience with litigation doesn't have a lot of experience with investigations they're up against a team of almost twenty. I'm Robert Mueller staff were all very experienced. In all these issues we also know. That John Dow the president's attorney who left. Did not want the president to do an interview with Robert Muller the president reportedly really does want to sit down and forgive you Robert Mueller that could be fateful decision. For the president. And for the country. George thank you very much he got really appreciate it thank you are you a reminder George has a big show this morning as he always does he's gonna speak to senator from Alabama Doug Jones the democratic senator from Alabama it's a red state. Judge good to talk about his party's strategy heading into the mid term. Elections this year plus sec powerhouse roundtable taking out all the leaks politics including president trumps latest staff shakeup that's coming up on this week break here any PC thanks again George happy.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"The president claimed that Amazon's shipping practices have negatively impacted retailers and the U.S. Postal Service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54158422","title":"Trump takes on Amazon","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-takes-amazon-54158422"}