Trump weighing new immigration policy

The president revealed he is not giving up on his "zero-tolerance" immigration policy.
6:28 | 10/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump weighing new immigration policy
Now to president trump and an uptick in his approval ratings are new ABC news Washington Post poll out this morning shows president trumps numbers. Have improved this coming as he turns his focus again to immigration. Leaving the door open for a potential new child sex. Deletion policy but that same poll showing Democrats gaining ground on that issue 50% people saying they would do a better job on immigration verses just 38%. Who think that Republicans would do a better job. ABC's White House correspondent terror pulmonary joins us now live. With more good morning Tara. Good morning that's right the president said on the White House lawn that the child separation policy works that it deters illegal immigration. Annie seem to suggest that he hasn't given up on that policy. Democrats want to abolish nights. And they want it turn America into a giant sanctuary. But criminal. Just weeks before the mid terms president's number revealing he is not giving up on a zero tolerance immigration policy will look at that everything fell. That you can look at it what it comes to illegal immigration. The Washington Post reporting that the trump administration is now weighing new version. Well I will say this if they fail there will be separation. They don't cop. According to the pose a president is considering a plan that gives parents across the border illegally to choices. Stay in family attention with their children for months or years as their immigration case proceeds. Or allow children to be taken to a government shelters so other relatives or guardians can seek custody. We have that dumbest immigration laws in the world the world laughs at us but wait getting him change we need some more Republicans. This comes after the trump administration faces backlash for what some are calling a family separation policy. While the crackdown ended in June hundreds of children remain in detention shelters or Foster care. And US officials say more than 200 are not eligible for reunification. Or release. The Department of Health and Human Services also releasing new video footage from incited Texas detention center. Here the center and toward neo Texas housing 2400 children seem playing eating together and bunking in close quarters. The two women in president. Trump's life of bunker trump the Milan neutrons say they are against a child separation policy. The First Lady told our Tommy ominous that she was blind sided by it and told her husband that it was unacceptable. Ager and all right thank you so much Tara.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"The president revealed he is not giving up on his \"zero-tolerance\" immigration policy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58487592","title":"Trump weighing new immigration policy","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-weighing-immigration-policy-58487592"}