Unvaccinated teen sparks larger discussion after seeking answers online

Ethan Lindenberger looked for answers on Reddit once he turned 18 because his mother disagreed with vaccinating her children.
3:09 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Unvaccinated teen sparks larger discussion after seeking answers online
We are back now with the family feuds erupting over vaccines. Some teens are now taking on their parents fighting to get the shots they never received when they were younger. This as cases of the measles and mumps spread across the country. According to the CDC so far this year there are 101 cases of the measles in ten states and 58 cases of the mumps in 18 states. Linsey Davis is here with more. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. This is a complicated one. Here's the basic premise. A teenager who feels they have to defy their parents in order to undergo what they consider to be potentially life-saving measures. Such is the story of Ethan Lindenberger. For Ethan Lindenberger turns 18 was all about liberation, not that of a typical teen focused on college or voting but the emancipation he sought was all about the right to get vaccinated. I saw that my situation was a little more unique than I had come to believe. Reporter: After his mother learned she could chose to never give the Ohio teen any vaccines which is why he took to Reddit to figure out how writing, my parents think vaccines are some kind of government scheme. But because of their beliefs I've never been vaccinated for anything. God knows how I'm still alive. That post went viral. His mother says his choice to get vaccinated was difficult to accept. The hardest thing for me was the shock of him choosing to immunize. It sparked a lot of discussion within the family. My oldest daughter is absolutely against vaccinations, my 14-year-old is also against it and my 16-year-old says I want to do more research, opening her eyes to what is there, I think is great. There's a distinguishing difference between disagreeing with a parent and trying to disobey them out of spite. Reporter: Ethan is not alone. Other teens have also posted on Reddit taking their health into their own hands. I definitely have received messages and I've had people contact me that are in a similar situation where they want to pursue vaccinations and their parent or authority figure doesn't believe it's right and that's not a good decision and how they approached that situation. Reporter: While most states do require permission from parents for any medical procedures, in at least seven states a relatively new legal concept called the mature minor doctrine allows teens to petition to make their own medical decisions. As measles and mumps outbreaks grow across the country, experts stress vaccinations are key. It's incredibly effective, 97% effectiveness with two doses of the vaccine which is what's recommended for children and it's inexpensive. Reporter: As for Ethan, he says getting vaks nailed was the right choice for him and that he's also speaking out for the health of his siblings. When it comes to annoying children under 18 to vaccinate without an adult's concept that's up to individual states. Federal health officials say the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella has been proven safe an effective. If you don't vaccinate you put others at risk. Thank you so much, linsey. The super bowl for show dogs.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Ethan Lindenberger looked for answers on Reddit once he turned 18 because his mother disagreed with vaccinating her children. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61015538","title":"Unvaccinated teen sparks larger discussion after seeking answers online","url":"/GMA/News/video/unvaccinated-teen-sparks-larger-discussion-seeking-answers-online-61015538"}