US Mission Commander reacts to successful Thai rescue

Maj. Charles Hodges, mission commander in charge of U.S. Operations, tells "GMA" the latest on the rescued boys' conditions and describes the dangerous rescue mission.
4:04 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for US Mission Commander reacts to successful Thai rescue
Let's bring in miss commander in charge of U.S. Operation, major Charles hodges. First of all, congratulations. What a mission. Thank you, sir. Walk us ugh what this was like for T boys, such an arduous missind complicated and I would think for them so scary. R, absolutely. So they had been in thee for multiple daysefore they were even F so and in my M the psychological factors were probably some most intense issues that W impacting them but understand that every time thatne of the rescue divers came there and they left, we had N communications with them. So -- or several hours. For 24 hours or at time they would have no contact with the out world and I'm sure those kidser absolute scared. However, they were also ready, lling and volunteered to come out when it was fin decided we would do this. There were multiple boys Y, yep, I'm ad T divers per boy and tho boyed were wrapped up tight. Yes, sir, they were. It ended up being normally one Ver per boy just because we had a minimal amount O divers, but they were absolute wrapped up tight and taken care wl getting out of there and thoughkn this was extremely risky with low probability success. When they were in the middle of the C working their way back you guys had limited oro communication with them. That's true, mast T third chamber there was no unications you can't get through that much ck to get commutions back out to our opeons center, so hen really smartnow the mission planning went S at everyone knew exactly what their roads and so when they left T third chamber it was all them to T job accomplished. What was scariest moment for you during this mission? Was there anyoment when Y questioned well the boys would get out alive. Yes, sir, think we questioned that the wholeime through. Son though we got 4 for 4 the first day, it was not much more than cautious optimism because we knew T riskad not gone downt all. We were cedut compncy so were attentive to making Thate remainedvigilant B even after we got 4 for on the second day as well, risk hadn't gone down any at all so idibly impressed with the way that it worked out but at the same time candidly I was thinking that it would B much worse results. This all came out so well, the entireld excited thing this all happen.watching the successful rescue but this isn't exactly the thing yourained for. No, sir. We train for rescug and at times cave rescue but we don't ever train for cavees diving operation and N one has ever done anything lik this before. I donnow there's anyone that trains too 2 1/2 kilometers into a cave that's submerged 60 or 70% of the way. W an incredible team effort. The S.A.L.S, the do everyone connected to this mission. Everybodyep their eyes focused on the mission of reuniing the kids with the parents and, you know,tory isn't without some trage with the ex-navy S.E.A ttassed away. I look at him as hero, somebody willing to S R those he didn't even know but a end of T day this is a good N story can all gravitat towards. And we doem THA Thai S.E.A.L. Major, thanks Ver. Thankyou, sir. Boy, you know the death of that Thai S.E.A.L. Remindss how risky it was and T major said it there again, this C haveone another way but hing came together. Such ad effort. United force of humanity atork we saw on display. Happy to see the way it red out. That's E turn to presidentrump

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{"id":56505261,"title":"US Mission Commander reacts to successful Thai rescue","duration":"4:04","description":"Maj. Charles Hodges, mission commander in charge of U.S. Operations, tells \"GMA\" the latest on the rescued boys' conditions and describes the dangerous rescue mission.","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-mission-commander-reacts-successful-thai-rescue-56505261","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}