Violence escalates in Middle East

Tensions have risen to new heights around Israel as deadly confrontations continued between the Israeli military and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group ruling the Gaza Strip.
3:10 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for Violence escalates in Middle East
We'll turn to the crisis in the Middle East. The U.N. Now warning of a full-scale war between Israel and hamas as deadly clashes escalate. Matt Gutman is there on the front lines in Israel. Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Michael. Right here is where a rocket landed earlier this morning, firing shrapnel 360 degrees and the shock waves from that blast punched in those walls, the hundred-pound warhead ignited all these cars apparently and just as we were standing here we found a toddler's pair of shorts that appear to be blown out of one of these apartments. Now, scenes like this are making the u.n.'s warning of a possible full-scale war seem much more likely this morning. Overnight the sky igniting with Israeli air strikes and hamas rocket fire. As Israeli warplanes howled over gaza this salvo of missiles ripping into this 14-story building, drone video flying over the debris field. Israel said it was targeting hamas infrastructure but warned civilians before bombing. Palestinian health officials say over 80 people have been killed including hamas operatives but also dozens of civilians and at least 17 children. Nearly 500 wounded. Hamas has launched over 1600 rockets towards Israel the past few days. Those rockets targeting the metro area where nearly half of the population lives. A Palestinian rocket hitting this Israeli apartment building, rescuers scrambling to get people out. Some brought out on stretchers. Those air raid sirens wailing almost hourly including while we were on the air. Another siren sounding which means there's about a minute and 30 seconds before the rockets start falling. You can see some that look like iron dome projectile rising above us. There is little sign of letup. They are not running out of rockets just yet. They have fired quite a lot of rockets, but, unfortunately, they've been able to stockpile a lot of rockets over the last years so that is not the case. Would you say there are thousands more. I would say there are thousands more. Reporter: The conflict also spreading to the west bank where Israeli troops clashed with Palestinian protesters. In the Israeli town of lod ethnic Palestinian, citizens of Israel, clashing with police leaving dozens wounded saying they are demonstrating against being treated as second class this horror in tel aviv. A mob of right wing jewish activists pulling a terrified Arab motorist out of his vehicle even using an Israeli flag to beat him. Now, today is one of the holiest days in Islam and have spoken to Palestinians here and in gaza and telling us it does not feel like a holiday. President Biden has said it is his hope that we will soon see a cessation of vice. Israeli military telling me it has no time line right now and if it has to, it will launch a ground campaign into gaza so certainly no immediate end to the violence in sight. It has exploded so quickly. Thanks very much. We turn to the battle inside

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Tensions have risen to new heights around Israel as deadly confrontations continued between the Israeli military and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group ruling the Gaza Strip.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77662749","title":"Violence escalates in Middle East","url":"/GMA/News/video/violence-escalates-middle-east-77662749"}