New White House Press Secretary discusses vaccine rollout plans

Jen Psaki speaks on how the Biden administration plans to quickly increase vaccinations and if it can exceed its current goal of 1 million shots a day.
4:12 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for New White House Press Secretary discusses vaccine rollout plans
Thanks very much. Let's bring in Jen psaki. Jen, welcome to your first "Gma" as press secretary. Someone who had that job a long time ago I know it's both a privilege and challenge and envy the fact your first press briefing went a lot more smoothly than mine. We'll see how today goes, so -- Let's get to some of the questions. We saw the bristle at the idea that his goal for 100 million vaccines is not ambitious enough but that's not just a press complaint. I not just a partisan complaint. Dr. Paul offit says we can do better. The president is waking up probably thinking about covid and what we'll do to get it under control and our objective in setting that bold goal that many health officials called bold at the time, still continues to be is to set our own markers but to set markers for the American people but when we reach that goal and we're confident we will, we'll build from there. So we're not packing our bags at 100 million shots in the arms of Americans but we want to make sure people know that we're going to hold ourselves accountable and do everything we're getting as many vaccinated as possible. There were signs of unity at the inaugural, the theme of the president's address but are you already running up against the limits of unity, you know, the Republicans are signaling that your economic plan is too big. Mitch Mcconnell said he looked at the president's first day and said it looks like a step in the wrong direction and Kevin Mccarthy is complaining about the immigration and climate plan and can't even come to an agreement on how to run the senate so is reality setting in? Well, first, the package that the president proposed is anything because the crises are big and the components in there from money for vaccine distribution to allowing Americans to apply for unemployment insurance, money to re-open school, those are all key components to get us through this pivotal period of time. But this is exactly how it should work, George and it feels maybe unfamiliar to many people including even all of you. The president of the united States laid out his agenda and his bold vision. There will be a discussion with members of congress and both parties about where we go from here. They'll like some piece, they won't like some pieces. We'll figure out what the sausage looks like when it come us out of the machine. At the end of the day he felt it was important to laid out his bold vision for covid and addressing it but also immigration, a crisis not addressed in many years and is long overdue. I know the president wants to work with Republican, hopes Republicans come aboard on his package. But you might face the prospect of having to go it alone. Democrats with those 50 votes in the senate. Is that -- is the president committed to maintaining the filibuster so you can do that. He is an optimist by nature but also a believer having spent 36 years in the senate that when the country is facing a crises and we're facing multiple right now, not just health, the pandemic, that Democrats and Republicans are going to have to come together to agree on a package to address this crisis because it's impacting Democrats, Republicans, red state, blue states and he thinks we can get to a bipartisan package. At the same time we're not going to take tools offer the table because addressing this is what he was elected to do but we'll start and pursue a bipartisan package first and do all the work to have those conversations. Right, you understood what I meant, doing away with the filibuster, not keeping it. Let's talk about impeachment. The Republicans already saying they want to delay the impeachment trial for a couple of weeks. Is that better for the president to get more of your cabinet in or prefer to get it done right away? The good news is our cabinet is starting to get confirmed. Want it to be expedited but looks like Lloyd Austin is on his way and Avril Haines was just sworn in yesterday. We need this to pick up. Alejandro mayorkas, getting him in is pivotal. But, you know, George, again, the president is somebody who's focused on working with both parties to get both his cabinet through, get -- address the vice cease we're facing and that's what we will work to do every day. We'll see if we're successful. Thanks. We'll have more now on the vaccine rollout.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Jen Psaki speaks on how the Biden administration plans to quickly increase vaccinations and if it can exceed its current goal of 1 million shots a day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75422562","title":"New White House Press Secretary discusses vaccine rollout plans","url":"/GMA/News/video/white-house-press-secretary-discusses-vaccine-rollout-plans-75422562"}