Wildfires rage in the West

A Colorado fire has displaced thousands of residents as states from California to Oklahoma have tinder-dry conditions that are stoking fires.
2:33 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for Wildfires rage in the West
Singapore in a bit. Massive wildfires are raging out west scorching tens of thousands of acres in Colorado and flames also forcing evacuations in Los Angeles. ABC's kayna Whitworth is there and, kayna, extreme heat could make the situation worse across the region. Reporter: Absolutely, robin. Hot and dry conditions, there are six states that are under extreme fire conditions today. As these temperatures rise and that moisture level drops, it takes just a spark, that could destroy thousands of acres. This morning from California to Oklahoma, tinder dry conditions stoking fires. The landscaper that works across the street ran up and said that there was a fire and I looked out and the side of the hill was on fire. Reporter: Residents forced to flee homes Tuesday as flames swirled near this neighborhood in Beverly hills threatening million dollar mansions and the homes of numerous stars. Helicopters battling the blaze from above. Crews attacking from the ground as well. Fighting to control the fast-moving flames. I hear all these fire engine, I'm thinking what's going on then all of a sudden the helicopters like right above and I'm thinking this is not good. Reporter: In Nevada this brush fire erupting overnight spurring voluntary evacuations. In Utah, homes fully engulfed. Residents resorting to using garden hoses in a desperate attempt to fight the blaze. And in Colorado, massive wildfires displacing thousands of people and destroying tens of thousands of acres. So right now that fire here in Beverly hills is 40% contained. People were allowed back in their homes but authorities telling us the fire started by someone using equipment to remove brush and the heat from that equipment is what ignited the hillside. Wow. All right, kayna, thanks so much. Let's head over to ginger who has more on the dangerous heat and what it could mean for those fires raging right now. Good morning, ginger. It does not look good for the next three days. 45 large wildfires, many of them in Alaska but many of them right there in the southwest and that excessive heat is on. There is a warning for heat of more than 110 degrees for many of the areas you see in pink. The red flag warnings meaning high fire danger from Utah through Colorado and there's just one thing that I can tell you, there's places like Phoenix or Tucson that haven't seen rain for more than three months, bud in the pacific is moving north and we're going to get some of that moisture pouring onto new Mexico and Colorado. From the wildfires to new

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"A Colorado fire has displaced thousands of residents as states from California to Oklahoma have tinder-dry conditions that are stoking fires.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55857066","title":"Wildfires rage in the West","url":"/GMA/News/video/wildfires-rage-west-55857066"}