Woman accused of pretending to be heiress breaks silence

Anna Sorokin made a short statement in court as she was sentenced to up to 12 years in prison and ordered to pay more than $200,000.
2:44 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for Woman accused of pretending to be heiress breaks silence
We are back now with the woman accused of pretending to be an heiress convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars but now she's breaking her silence as she's sentenced up to a dozen years in ABC's Paula Faris has the latest. Reporter: For the first time the woman who notoriously faked her life as a Russian heiress breaks her silence. I apologize for the mistakes I made. Reporter: 28-year-old Anna Sorokin making that short statement in a Manhattan courtroom speaking in public for the first time sentenced Thursday to up to 12 years in prison depending on behavior plus almost $200,000 in restitution and a $24,000 fine. Prepared ourselves for the worst and hoped for the best but four to 12 is a fair sentence. Reporter: The crime, stealing more than 200 grand and attempting to steal millions more from banks, hotels, even friends through elaborate scams. Was blinded by the glitter of New York City. Reporter: Prosecutors say Sorokin a German citizen who went by the name Anna delvey was pretending to be a high-flying wealthy heiress living the life of glamour amongst Manhattan's elite. See seems to be banking in the press attention. Reporter: She claims she had a multimillion dollar trust fund as she attended exclusive parties and lived in a luxury New York hotel reportedly tipping hotel workers with $100 bills. Authorities say Sorokin even forged financial documents hoping to get a $22 million loan to open a private club in new York City, claims her lawyer denies. The scam lasted almost four years. Meantime, prosecutors say she had no money to her name. She is a strong woman. I mean she's been incarcerated for two years by herself in America in rikers island. Reporter: Always looking glamorous on her social media pages. Her defense team hiring a stylist to help her prepare for court appearances. But no matter how Sorokin's story end, it's going to live on in Hollywood. Her tale has already caught the eyes of both Lena Dunham and Shonda rhimes for two upcoming docu-series, Sorokin hoping Jennifer Lawrence or Margot Robbie will play her. And the judge who sentenced her did not hold back saying Sorokin seemed more concerned about which actresses would play her in those upcoming specials than about what clothes she was wearing during the trial. They delayed the trial one day for two hours. Probably not a good thing around sentencing to have that happen. Doesn't need a stylist anymore. That's right. Coming up, we have our -- Orange is the new black.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Anna Sorokin made a short statement in court as she was sentenced to up to 12 years in prison and ordered to pay more than $200,000.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62957139","title":"Woman accused of pretending to be heiress breaks silence","url":"/GMA/News/video/woman-accused-pretending-heiress-breaks-silence-62957139"}