Woman helped rescue family with baby from Hurricane Florence

Jameesha Harris spoke to "GMA" about the family she rescued from a flooded home near New Bern, North Carolina.
3:38 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Woman helped rescue family with baby from Hurricane Florence
so serious, and so joins no by phone is jamicia has who helped rescue a family there. How did you go about doing that? Good rning, robin. I have my social media up as long assible. We're out ofpowe if internet is ou and iav a friend, as tayr who is from new Bern, but she is in new York, and she has bee taking ally calls and tol me about a far a a girl is literally almost water, and I just got me and my husband and in the cnd wen through and got to them, and we were able get them T he house, and we got T anher hse where safe right now. Nd what was the condition them when youfound th how were they? I mean,hey were lerally trying T get the water out of th us had the baby sitti oe steps. They didn't woleave. Ese are peoplat so distraught. They can't bve that their homes literally going T be underwater within ho and T want to leave. Theyeltt would be safe on the second floor and I'm yio tell em. You have got to get out now fore too late because we now waiting to get reue Andre were Ying the storm when it first H No, ididn't I got my mily out T Charlotte. My three kids and my my dog Staack because I knew we were going to need hands on the ground APL that are tru local officials. I was knee deep over water in these low-lyiareas.or ties, and just urgieople T was Leo get seven families to a sheer we were able to get another 13 famies to a shelter.so it's jt amazing what's ight W. O my . Hat you are a member of the town councther you bring up a good point, jameesha. Some peoplon't havehe means to get out. They donavds or a vehicle Thon't hunker down by choice, we have T keep that in mind, dwe? Right. And I ve been sing some po that the is reporters making negiv comments about individuals hose to stay, and they have to undhat these ar people E lives. They havwhere to go. Have no they don't uerstand W it's going to be like, an they like if they have their family withemy are going to ride it out, and it's at E point whery led for help and they are on the roof, and we can't them. All we Cano I just pray that th get to say a enough time and rescue -- water rescue individuals C G to them. That's all that matters right now. You your husband, thank you so much. Glad you said this is a judgment ay? Beoplel that, ye you hot to word to get out, but you have to keep in mind because of health Reas and fiasons, notll ople can do that. You take care. Thank you so much. Thank so much. That's a great point you make, robin. We'r llamasin Myrtle Beach, south rolina, and T you'r starting to E first ods of

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Jameesha Harris spoke to \"GMA\" about the family she rescued from a flooded home near New Bern, North Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57824201","title":"Woman helped rescue family with baby from Hurricane Florence ","url":"/GMA/News/video/woman-helped-rescue-family-baby-hurricane-florence-57824201"}