20 Deals and Steals with Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson's shares deals from fan-favorite brands to celebrate 20 years of “GMA” in Times Square.
9:12 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for 20 Deals and Steals with Tory Johnson
We are celebrating 20 years of "Gma" in times square with 20 incredible deals. Should we start right here with nest. One of our favorites. Gorgeous. You can't but it's gorgeous. So good. This is one of absolutely fan favorites this is the nest collection. We've got for home, candles, diffusers online, perfume, roller ball, body creams, so many different fragrance, everyone around here is grabbing it. Gorgeous. Normally 27 to $74. Today it is slashed at least in half, it starts at $8. I thought everybody smelled better around here today. You smell good. Exactly. Keeping the iPhone clean. Phone soap on "Shark tank." Lori again year invested. Put your iPhone or any phone. They all fit right into here and close the top and disinjects and charges at the same time. That's great. Gift alert. Normally $80. Today version 3 new one slashed in half, 40 bucks. 40 bucks. This is a brand-new company. So you get to put a name, any kind of name, zip code, city, you choose what you put on it. It is a family owned company in Mississippi. They're all machine washable and not going to peel because they're printed right on gorgeous pillows from the little birdie company, normally $40, slashed in half, 20 bucks. So this is a makeup line that is loved by professional makeup artists. You and I both use it today. The focus eye palette. I used it too but anyway, go ahead. I was going to say you used this for a little glow. That's what makes your cheeks The fabulous highlighter from his line. It's sensational. You cannot go wrong. Normally 20 to $82. Everything slashed in half, 10 to 41 from kevyn Aucoin. This was a home based jewelry business now rustic cuff has five its own stores. What wears it all the time. Lara. Lara Spencer. That one is made for you. Personalized jewelry is one of their powerhouse style, leather piece you can put name, date. Thank you. Beaded bracelets to pair with it. Normally 38 to $82. Today this is all slashed at least in half. 19 to $34. Great deal. Thank you. Another favorite, so this -- feel how soft that is. That is not your size but how soft -- Not my color either. You look good in everything. This is the softies go anywhere tunic. You can wear this right now. It's a little cold. It's a little cold. The softest thing you will ever field. Cowl neck, super on trend, four fabulous fall colors, normally $85, this one is slashed to $41. You can't go wrong. Always an Oprah favorite. Gift alert. Gift alert. Gift alert. Indie Lee. This was started by a woman on clean leaving journey. It includes clean skin care. The essential body lotion, I kept it close so we wouldn't get it all over you. I was saving you. I'm an adult. I know how to handle this. Face oil, you and I both love face oils. This is an amazing one. Everything gets rave reviews, 24 to $60 regularly. Today it is slashed this half, 12 to $30. I crammed a lot on here because bling is fine. More bling is best especially when you get the look of real but not at the price of real. All this is cz and sterling silver. It's fun to just pile up, lots of oohs and aahs. Today it is slashed by at least 61%. Every item is under $20. Wow. This is a lot of great stuff. Fun, okay. This is awesome too. This is awesome. This is light by Remington. Three different devices that are for permanent hair removal at all fda cleared devices and the best thing to do is go online to choose the one that works best for your specific skin tone and needs. This one is not for you. That's okay. Normally 200 to 450 so when you go in the salon to do it, it's you'll save money. Save more money here. Slashed in half, 100 to 225 and free shipping. Switching gear. We're going to the kitchen. Tristar. Their power XL air fryer. It's their deluxe oven, three in one, air fryer, rotisserie and dehydrator. You can make jerky. You can do lots of things, normally 200 to 240. Also slashed in half and start at 99 and -- Free shipping. Perricone, M.D., everyone in the makeup room uses it. What you picked up, the brand-new we're featuring this fragile skin therapy for any place there's fragile delicate skin that will help to repair that skin, restore that skin. All their moisturizers is to die for. All the cold plasma plus collection normally 6 to 179 slashed in half and starts at $30 and -- Free shipping. We love that. And finally, a woman owned business, conscious coconut is all certified organicconut. I love this body brush. It's a multitasker. Use to remain makeup, moistuize cuticles. 18 to 37. Regularly today slashed in half and starts at $9. Awesome. You know, you guys, to get these incredible deals go to our website, but don't forget, Tory has more coming up when we come back with more "Gma." We'll see you right here in times square. Good morning. Thursday, September 19th. I'm Ken Rosato. Breaking news. New Jersey transit train hit a car in river edge. John del Giorno is over the scene with the latest. Reporter: That's right, Ken. We are getting more information from New Jersey transit. Let's update you on the accident. This happened around 7:30 A.M. This is the main street crossing in river edge. You see the New Jersey transit train stop there. If you look closely, you can see that car heavily damaged wedged up against the fence. Two people in the car were injured and taken to hackensack university medical center. There were 400 people on the train at the time of the accident. None of them were injured. New update New Jersey transit shuttle service is operating between Anderson and secaucus. Heather O'rourke has a look at the rest of the commute. We will take a look at 280 eastbound near exit 11. That is a crash. Then we have this mess on the grand central parkway westbound getting to Laguardia. You can see we have activity over here. Then on the bronx river parkway gunhill road an accident. Street cleaning rules are in effect. Sam champion has better news for us. Bright but cool. It will take every hour of sunshine to get the temperatures back up. You notice we are in the 40s in the northwestern corners. On the Jersey shore 49 degrees. That's how cool the airways. Skies are wide open. Sunny skies. North wind will stay with us a good part of the day today. We will get to 71 this afternoon. Now the king of cards. Ryan Seacrest. It's a lot of fun today. We have more of the bread club week. You have coffee? Have a baguette with your coffee. Young lady, are you missing school? Yeah. Okay. I will cover you. See you in a few. That pull apart bread they

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{"duration":"9:12","description":"Tory Johnson's shares deals from fan-favorite brands to celebrate 20 years of “GMA” in Times Square.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65714846","title":"20 Deals and Steals with Tory Johnson","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/20-deals-steals-tory-johnson-65714846"}