Where to get the best deals on Labor Day

Becky Worley breaking down some major sales and discounts for the holiday.
2:06 | 09/02/18

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Transcript for Where to get the best deals on Labor Day
?????? We are back with a special labor day wed download some major sales, and I love H you guys all in unison - S srt I That was a it embarrassing. S we're taabout if you can Gour mind off our lack of rhythm. Inboxes are flooded with deals. Which the best? We'll break it down with you with ABC's consumer correspondwoey. Shopping, lotsf discounts. Almost half lab day sales are on CING a accessories. Eeper discounts ll come arnd black Friday, here's a Kille look for blanket discounts. 20% or 30% off, I'm talking old American E. Bcbc, express. Most stores are trying to clear T summer sles. They are Marki discounts on summer clothing, you be clothing ret aren't the only ones clear weather inventory. Ok for discould wa- discoufurniture, lawn mowers, grill this is cheapean anywheronline. Now it'se R season category. Travel, check regi airlines. Many have flash seams -- sales right about now. Hoppers international late summer fares are 45% off F European and South American ips. Closer to home, 2019 season or six fla, they are 50% off, D you get free pass. Final note.mattresses, is the weend these will be the lowest prices for the rest o18. E piece ofdvice. Set a budget before you go in. They a tied to up you, so no matter how or hard you liker mattress, set a firm budget and stick with it, GU A rht. K you so much Worley. I saw Adrienne taking her re. Ng a shopping list. I nee buy vitams. I think there W labor day de on vitamins. Comi up, the questbe

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Becky Worley breaking down some major sales and discounts for the holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57558623","title":"Where to get the best deals on Labor Day","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/best-deals-labor-day-57558623"}